In proceedings IASTED International Conference, Applied Modeling and Simulation, pp. 264-267, Banff, July 1997.
Modeling and simulation of physical systems IV: An introduction to Hamiltonian DAEs
Richard A. Layton and Brian C. Fabien

A unified approach for modeling engineering systems is presented for discrete systems comprising mechanical, electrical, fluid, and thermal elements. Analysis is based on Hamilton's equation, which is generalized to encompass constrained multidisciplinary systems. Models are formulated as semi-explicit, nonlinear, differential-algebraic equations (DAEs). The DAE structure allows a model to be obtained from energy functions, constraint equations, and a virtual work expression in a systematic manner. The semi-explicit form of Hamiltonian DAEs compares favorably to the descriptor form of Lagrangian DAEs, and may have superior numerical properties. The method of analysis is suitable for automated modeling and systematic simulation of physical systems.

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Richard A. Layton
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