In proceedings 2006 National Educator's Workshop, Cincinatti, October 2006.
Determining the Hall-Petch relationship in a mechanical measurements course
Patrick D. Ferro, David S. Fisher, and Richard A. Layton

This paper describes a project given to three student teams. The students were given samples of steel that had received a range of heat treatments. Students were required to determine the coefficients of the nonlinear Hall-Petch relationship relating measured yield strength to measured average grain diameter. The teams were required to select the appropriate equipment and test procedures to measure strength and grain size and to develop the appropriate analysis to estimate uncertainties in the coefficients. Three teams of four students each, working independently, produced a range of results and conclusions. Results from the three teams of students that participated in the project are given. Recommendations for the next iteration of this student project are given.

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Richard A. Layton
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