In proceedings IASTED International Conference, Robotics and Manufacturing, pp. 201-204, Honolulu, August 1996.
Modeling and simulation of physical systems II: An approach to solving Lagrangian DAEs
Brian C. Fabien and Richard A. Layton

A new computer package is presented for modeling and simulating the dynamic behavior of engineering systems comprising mechanical, electrical, fluid and thermal elements. The computer package automates the formulation of equations of motion for discrete physical systems and implements a new algorithm for numerically solving the resulting differential-algebraic equations (DAEs) of motion. The initial-value problem for the Lagrangian DAEs is numerically solved by reducing the differential index of the DAEs, solving the reduced-index equations using a predictor-corrector backward differentiation formula, and projecting the solution onto the constraints. The computer package is available via anonymous ftp to in directory pub/fabien/ldae.

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Richard A. Layton
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