In proceedings ASME Intl Mech. Engng Cong. and Expo. (IMECE) Dynamic Systems and Control Div., DSC series Vol. 67, pp. 529-533, Nashville, November 1999.
Towards an energy-based linear analysis of nonholonomic systems
Marwan U. Bikdash and Richard A. Layton

Guidelines towards an energy-based, linear analysis of discrete physical systems are presented, based on previous work in systematic modeling using Lagrangian differential-algebraic equations (DAEs). Recent work in this area is extended by accomodating nonholonomic constraints and explicit inputs. An equilibrium postulate is proposed and equilibrium is characterized for static and steady-state conditions. Lagrangian DAEs are linearized using a local, indirect approach. Alternate descriptor formulations leading to different linear singular systems are compared and one formulation is determined to be a good foundation for future work in linear analysis using Lagranian DAEs.

©1999 American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

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Richard A. Layton
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