ME 406

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Lecture notes

  Date     Topic     Content  
  9/04/14     Introduction to control systems     Notes (pdf)  
  9/08/14     Step responses of first- and second-order systems       Notes (pdf)  
  9/09/14     The Laplace transform and its properties       Notes (pdf)  
  9/11/14     Solving ODEs using the Laplace transform       Notes (pdf)  
  9/15/14     Frequency response analysis       Notes (pdf)  
  9/16/14     Sketching Bode plots       Notes (pdf)  
  9/18/14     Block diagrams       Notes (pdf)  


Lab material

  Lab     Topic     Content  
  1     System identification in the time domain       Prelab (zip)  
  Handout (pdf)
  Worksheet (pdf)  
  Rubric (pdf)  
  2     System identification in the frequency domain       Prelab (zip)  
  Handout (pdf)
  Worksheet (pdf)  
  Rubric (pdf)  
  findmag.m (m)  



Useful MATLAB commands (pdf)

Blank Bode (pdf)

  HW     Problems     Problem  
  Answers     Due  
  Skills Review     pdf     --     --     9/11/14  
  1     pdf     --     --     9/09/14  
  2     pdf     pdf     pdf     9/16/14  
  3     pdf     pdf     pdf     9/23/14