ME 406

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Lecture notes

  Date     Topic     Content  
  9/04/14     Introduction to control systems     Notes (pdf)  
  9/08/14     Step responses of first- and second-order systems       Notes (pdf)  
  9/09/14     The Laplace transform and its properties       Notes (pdf)  
  9/11/14     Solving ODEs using the Laplace transform       Notes (pdf)  
  9/15/14     Frequency response analysis       Notes (pdf)  
  9/16/14     Sketching Bode plots       Notes (pdf)  
  9/18/14     Block diagrams       Notes (pdf)  
  9/22/14     Performance specifications and controller design       Notes (pdf)  
  9/23/14     More controller design       Notes (pdf)  
  9/29/14     Steady-state error and system type       Notes (pdf)  
  9/30/14     Introduction to root locus       Notes (pdf)  
  10/02/14     Sketching a root locus       Notes (pdf)  
  10/06/14     Root locus sketching and stability analysis       Notes (pdf)  
  10/07/14     Stability analysis and introduction to compensators       Notes (pdf)  
  10/13/14     Lead compensator design via root locus       Notes (pdf)  
  10/14/14     Designing a lead compensator using root locus       Notes (pdf)  
  10/16/14     Lead-lag compensator design via root locus       Notes (pdf)  
  10/20/14     Stability margins on Bode plots       Notes (pdf)  


Lab material

  Lab     Topic     Content  
  1     System identification in the time domain       Prelab (zip)  
  Handout (pdf)
  Worksheet (pdf)  
  Rubric (pdf)  
  2     System identification in the frequency domain       Prelab (zip)  
  Handout (pdf)
  Worksheet (pdf)  
  Rubric (pdf)  
  findmag.m (m)  
  3     P, PD, and PID control of a double-integrator plant       Prelab (zip)  
  Handout (pdf)
  Worksheet (pdf)  
  Rubric (pdf)  
  findmag2.m (m)  
  4     Experimentally constructing a root locus       Handout (pdf)  
  Worksheet (pdf)  
  Rubric (pdf)  



Useful MATLAB commands (pdf)

Blank Bode (pdf)

Summary of root locus sketching rules (pdf)

  HW     Problems     Problem  
  Answers     Due  
  Skills Review     pdf     --     --     9/11/14  
  1     pdf     --     --     9/09/14  
  2     pdf     pdf     pdf     9/16/14  
  3     pdf     pdf     pdf     9/23/14  
  4     pdf     pdf     pdf     9/30/14  
  5     pdf     pdf     pdf     10/07/14  
  6     pdf     pdf     pdf     10/16/14  
  7     pdf     pdf     pdf     10/28/14