ES 205

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Syllabus (pdf)

Calendar for Section 01 (5th hour) (pdf)

Calendar for Section 02 (6th hour) (pdf)

Lecture notes

  Date     Topic     Content  
  3/09/15     Introduction to model-based systems engineering       Notes (pdf)  
  3/10/15     Model forms       Notes (pdf)  
  Example 3 Maple (mw)  
  Activity Maple (mw)  
  3/13/15     Response behavior and the Laplace domain       Notes (pdf)  
  3/16/15     Modeling mechanical systems       Notes (pdf)  
  Example Maple (mw)  
  3/17/15     Modeling with gears       Notes (pdf)  
  Example Maple (mw)  
  3/20/15     Mechanical systems modeling       Notes (pdf)  
  Example Maple (mw)  
  Activity Maple (mw)  
  3/23/15     Modeling electrical systems       Notes (pdf)  
  Example 1 Maple (mw)  
  Example 2 Maple (mw)  
  3/24/15     Electrical systems modeling       Notes (pdf)  
  Activity 1 Maple (mw)  
  Activity 2 Maple (mw)  
  3/27/15     Modeling armature-controlled DC motors       Notes (pdf)  
  Example Maple (mw)  
  3/30/15     Electromechanical systems modeling       Notes (pdf)  
  3/31/15     More electromechanical systems modeling       Notes (pdf)  
  4/01/15     Modeling thermal systems  
  Exam 1 review    
  Notes (pdf)  
  Data (mat)  
  4/13/15     Modeling tank-draining fluid systems       Notes (pdf)  
  4/14/15     Tank-draining modeling and simulation       Notes (pdf)  
  4/17/15     Systems analysis with tank draining       Notes (pdf)  


Lab material

  Week     Topic     Content  
  1     Model representations and second-order systems       Prelab (zip)  
  Data (mat)  
  Memo template (docx)  
  2     Modeling from time response data       Prelab (zip)  
  Memo template (docx)  
  3     Time response of a torsional apparatus       Memo template (docx)  
  5     Tank draining       Prelab (zip)  
  Sample data (zip)  
  Memo template (docx)  



  HW     Problems     Problem  
  Answers     Due  
  1     MF-1, MF-2, MF-3, LT-1, LT-2, LT-3, MC-1     pdf     pdf     3/17/15  
  2     MC-2, M-1, M-2, M-3, M-4     pdf     pdf     3/24/15  
  3     E-3, E-4, E-5, E-6, EM-1     pdf     pdf     3/31/15  
  4     EM-2, EM-3, EM-4     pdf     No answers     4/14/15  
  5     T-1, T-2, T-3, F-1, F-2, F-3, EMF-2     pdf     pdf     4/21/15