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Calendar for Section 03 (9th hour) (pdf)

Calendar for Section 04 (10th hour) (pdf)

Lecture notes

  Date     Topic     Content  
  9/01/16     Introduction to vibration analysis       Notes (pdf)  
  9/05/16     Review of mechanical systems modeling       Notes (pdf)  
  9/06/16     Free vibration of undamped, SDOF systems       Notes (pdf)  
  9/08/16     Free vibration of SDOF systems with viscous damping       Notes (pdf)  
  9/12/16     Direct harmonic excitation of SDOF systems       Notes (pdf)  
  9/13/16     SDOF systems with harmonic base motion       Notes (pdf)  
  9/15/16     Rotating unbalance in SDOF systems       Notes (pdf)  
  9/19/16     Introduction to multi-degree-of-freedom systems       Notes (pdf)  
  9/20/16     Systems with multiple degrees of freedom       Notes (pdf)  
  9/22/16     Harmonic excitation of undamped, MDOF systems       Notes (pdf)  


Lab material

  Lab     Topic     Content  
  1     Natural frequency and damping analysis of a cantilevered beam     RT Pro files (zip)    
  2     Experimental frequency response of a SDOF system     Handout (pdf)    
  3     Experimental frequency response of a 2-DOF system     Handout (pdf)    
  4     Using RT Pro to collect frequency response data     Prelab (zip)  
  EMAP (zip)  



  HW     Problems     Problem  
  Answers     Due  
  1     S-1, S-2, R-2.45, R-2.71, R-2.74     pdf     pdf     9/08/16  
  2     R-2.102, R-2.105, R-3.48,  
  R-3.47, R-3.44, R-3.45  
  pdf     pdf     9/15/16  
  3     R-3.64, R-3.71, R-5.43,  
  R-5.8, R-6.65, R-5.65  
  pdf     pdf     9/22/16  
  4     R-5.59, R-6.89, R-5.33, R-5.12     pdf     pdf     9/29/16  


Old exams

WARNING:   Course content has changed over the years.
                      Past exams may contain topics that do not apply to the current course offering.

  Year     Exam 1     Exam 2  
  2000     pdf     pdf  
  2001     pdf     pdf  
  2003     pdf     pdf  
  2004     pdf     pdf  
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