EC581 DSP Projects Course Lab Handouts
(Based on the Texas Instruments TMS320C6701 EVM Board with Code Composer Studio)

(Handouts are in Microsoft Word 97 format)

(This course was taught as a 10-week course in Spring, 2000)
Prepared by Keith Hoover
Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology)

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Written Paper Published in DSPS2000 Proceedings

MS Power Point Presentation Slides Presented at DSPS2000

EC581 First Day Course Policy Handout

Lab 1.   Sampling, Reverb, Comb Filter, Flanger

Lab 2.   FIR Filter (Matlab, Floating & Fixed-Point Implementation)

Lab 3.   IIR Filter (QEDesign, Implementation, Wah-Wah)

Lab 4.   Automatic Gain Compressor

Lab 5.   VU Meter, DSP-PC-Communication

Lab 6.   Radix-4 FFT & Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer

Lab 7.   LMS Adaptive Filter to Reduce Narrowband Noise

Lab 8.  Ride 4.2 Real-Time Speech Scrambling/Descrambling
via Hyperception Ride 4.2 Block Diagram DSP Tool

Lab 9.   The Great DSP Scavenger Hunt!

Lab 10. DSP Term Project (See First-Day Policy Handout.)