ME430 Mechatronics

David Fisher

Primary Classes
   ME430 - Mechatronics
   CSSE120 - Intro Robotics
   ME435 - Robotics
   ME520 - CADCAM
   ME323 - Comp Apps 2
   EM104 - GraphCom
   ES204 - M-Sys
   ME321 -Measurement Sys
   Capstone Design:
     ME472 (advisor)
  E101   ext 8619
  Cell: (812) 201-6488

Other Activities:
Rose/Mudd puzzle hunt
Student projects:
   Picasa Gallery of Projects
  Dave Fisher CV 

 So welcome to my website.  Not much here.  Some links to student projects on the left.  About the only thing anybody wants off my website is the links to project pictures (left sidebar) or my course videos:

ES204 Lecture Videos
ME430 Lecture Videos

If you don't know me, this is me.

Current class websites:

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