Beyond Work


This page is perpetually under construction - some day I would like to add pictures of some of the mad-crazy things I've knit (I love to knit; it's relaxing and creative), our groovy 1970's house (which used to be complete with gold glitter on the ceilings and green shag carpet in the bathroom), my cats, etc... until I get some pictures up, here are a few links to pass the time.


Beyond the classroom:

Check out WWOZ, New Orleans radio: listener-supported jazz and heritage music and my favorite radio station. 

One of our favorite learning resources is Make.  Go forth and experiment!  Don't forget to make time to Craft.

Hey, Engineer Girl.  Check this out!

My mother and my uncle and my husband are all photographers/artists.  I am wildly supportive and a little envious of their talents.  You can find some of my uncle's work online here.

Other things I enjoy: watching Turner Classic movies with my husband and my daughter, cooking, reading (mostly science fiction), playing the bass, drawing. My favorite hot sauces are Sriracha, Frank's Red Hot, and Crystal. I like fancy Teavana teas and Bombay Sapphire martinis (up, with olives, not dirty). My favorite restaurants in Terre Haute are Umi Grill, Taj Mahal, Exotic Thai, Stables, J. Ford's, and George's. The music on my iPhone ranges from The Ultimate Lessons (Double Dee and Steinski) to international chill to Rimsky-Korsakov to vintage REM to vintage James Brown. If I could recommend three inspirational classic movies for each of my students to watch, they'd be 'You Can't Take It With You,' 'Holiday,' and 'Dodsworth' - be true to yourself!




Last updated 04/13.