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Perth from King's Park
University of Western Australia
Parrots in a tree by the river
A black swan and babies at the park down the street
Western Australia is known for its wildflowers.  The pictures below were taken at King's Park.
Kangaroo's Paw

Flowerbeds at King's Park

The four pictures below were taken at a local park.
Wesley with birds at a local park
Wesley with birds at a local park
Stephen feeding birds
Rachel with birds
Most of the pictures below were taken at a wildlife park
Feeding a kangaroo at a wildlife park
Feeding deer at a wildlife park
Petting a baby kangaroo at a wildlife park
A peacock impressing his girlfriend
A white peacock
A white peacock
A baby koala bear (taken at the zoo)
Holding a Koala

Pictures from our trip to Albany and the southwest corner of Australia are shown below.
Small beach
Red Tingle Tree
Giant Red Tingle
The hollows of the red tingles are caused by a combination of fire, fungal and insect attack, removing the dad wood from the center of the tree
Gloucester Tree -Rachel climbed this tree.  There is an observation deck at the top (60 meters off the ground)
Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse at the southwestern tip of Australia
View of Indian and Southern Ocean from the lighthouse
Tree Top Walk - the highest part of the walk is 40 meters above the ground.
Natural Bridge
Wild kangaroos
Stephen with parrots
Wind farm
Lake Cave
Suspended table in Lake Cave
Pictures from around Perth and at another wildlife park
Cool Purple Trees (Jacaranda trees)
Western Australia Christmas tree
A baby kangaroo
Wesley holding a young wombat
A trip up north to the Pinnacles Desert Rottnest Island
"Wild" Quokkas