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Survey Results - pdf
Survey Results - html

CEE Mission Statement (second draft)

The Center for Educational Excellence will support the efforts of the
Rose-Hulman community to enhance student learning.

To do this the CEE will (second draft)

bulletencourage and support faculty in their efforts to improve their courses and teaching skills,
bulletfacilitate the sharing of ideas and practices about teaching and learning within the Institute and with the larger educational community,
bulletprovide the time, training, and technical assistance necessary to incorporate appropriate technology in teaching and learning,
bulletserve as a central campus resource for knowledge about teaching and learning,
bulletseek out and share the current "best" practices at other institutions,


CEE Volunteers or people who want to by kept informed (in order of when they sent me an email expressing interest):

Phil Cornwell
Tina Hudson
Richard Layton
Timothy Chow
David Finn
Dan Moore
Art Western
Andy Mech
Anneliese Watt
Ed Wheeler
Charles Joenathan
Susan Smith
Howard Mclean
Ron Artigue
Bill Pickett
Jim Mayhew
Dave Voltmer
Maarij Syed
Don Dekker
Rich Ditteon
Don Richards
Patsy Brackin
Gwen Lee-Thomas
Julia Williams
Michael Wollowski
David Erwin
Ed Mottel
Louis Turcott