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Dr. Brad Burchett is an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. He received his bachelor's degree in Astronautical Engineering from the Air Force Academy in 1987. He served twelve and one half years of active duty in the Air Force including seven as a B-52 pilot, and three as an instructor of Mechanical Engineering at West Point. He holds a master's degree from MIT and a Ph.D. from Oregon State.  He has been a visiting researcher at NASA Marshall four times for a combined total of one year on site.  He is an associate fellow of the AIAA.  Dr. Burchett teaches courses on control, intelligent control, dynamics, system dynamics, and numerical methods. His research interests include the application of advanced and intelligent control algorithms to aerospace vehicles, modeling and fault detection of launch vehicle subsystems, and application of numerical linear algebra to advanced control theory.


ME 506 - Advanced Control Systems ME 536 Computational Intelligence in Control Engineering
ME 430 - Mechatronics EM 121-Statics and Mechanics of Materials I:
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ME 406 - Control Systems ES 205-Analysis and Design of Engineering Systems


Links to slides from invited / unpublished talks.

Request slides given at conferences by email; they are generally copyright by the host society.

Numerical ODE Solving for a Chaotic System Math Seminar given March 17, 2004 at Rose Hulman, "Numerical ODE Solving for a Chaotic System"
Batch Calculation of the Residues and Their Sensitivities Math Seminar given March 30, 2005 at Rose-Hulman, "Batch Calculation of the Residues and Their Sensitivities, Or: How to compute almost any derivative using sum(prod([combnk(factors), dfactors.]))"
QZ Based Algorithm for System Pole, Transmission Math Seminar given Dec. 17, 2008: "Differentiating the QZ Algorithm with Application to Gradient Based Output Feedback Optimization"
Toward Finite Horizon Optimal of Indirect FireInvited Talk Given at Taylor University on Feb. 23, 2015: "Toward Finite Horizon Optimal Control of Indirect Fire Munitions"
Optimal Control of Missiles Invited Talk given at ARL on Oct. 7, 2015, repeated as Math Seminar Dec. 2, 2015 "Three Recent Advances in Optimal Control of Fin Stabilized Surface to Surface Missiles"
Optimal Control of Missiles "Five Minute" update given at Rose-Hulman 2015

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