Who painted the Painting: a project in image registration

S. Allen Broughton


This web page contains the notes for a talk in the Rose-Hulman  Mathematics faculty-student seminar.

Rose-Hulman Mathematics Faculty Student Seminar - Spring 2011-12

Title: Who painted the Painting: a project in image registration

Abstract: An art collector possesses a "painting of unknown origin" which he suspects was painted by a "very famous painter". The only possible evidence is a portion of the painting in an old photograph taken in the painter's studio. Is there a way to match the two, such as matching fingerprints? A proposed technique is to match the portion to a modern image of the painting. Since the the two images are taken by two different cameras, you just can't compare the two photos. This problem is called image registration which is an optimization problem in multi-dimensional camera orientation space. This problem will be discussed in two parts. First we set up the problem mathematically in mathematical terms. In a later talk we discuss the computer implementation of the comparison.



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