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Hulman Memorial Union
ECE Professional Development activities are now contained in the ANGEL Community Group ECE Professional Development
Engineering Economics FE Exam Review


Bruce A. Black

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Terre Haute, IN  47803

Fall 2005 Courses:
  ECE340 Electromagnetic Fields
  ECE510 Error Correcting Codes
Winter 2005-6 Courses:
  ECE380 Discrete Time & Continuous Systems
  ECE414 Wireless Systems
Spring 2006 Courses:
   ES205 Analysis and Design of Engineering Systems
   ECE414 Wireless Systems
Optical Radar Project
  Dynamic Range Presentation
  Electro-optic Modulator Presentation
  Noise Presentation
  Global Wireless Education Consortium

Last updated March 7, 2006