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Catalog Description: (Prerequisites - MA 111) Covers two- and three-dimensional force systems, equilibrium, structures, distributed forces, and strength and elastic deflection of engineering materials due to loads applied axially. Emphasizes free-body diagrams.

News and updates

  • 24-Oct-2016 05:06 PM: Old third exams uploaded to Files for your studying pleasure.

  • 20-Oct-2016 06:19 PM: Homework du dates have been changed. (No HW due tomorrow!) See Calendar for details.

  • 19-Oct-2016 04:54 PM: Files updated with notes/problems about 2-D and 3-D equilibrium of rigid bodies.

  • 14-Oct-2016 06:06 PM: The can crusher machine for the project is clamped to a desk just outside my office, C109 in Moench. Come take a look at it, take measurements, crush cans...

  • 04-Oct-2016 03:06 PM:
    • Old second exams uploaded to Files for your studying pleasure.
    • Exam 2 will cover Learning Objectives 31-50.

  • 28-Sep-2016 06:18 PM: Gradebook updated with Exam I scores.

  • 27-Sep-2016 03:17 PM: Files updated with notes/problems about moments due to couples.

  • 23-Sep-2016 05:43 PM: Files updated. Gradebook too.

  • 22-Sep-2016 01:53 PM: "Pass 1" solutions to Exam 1, Spring 11-12 added to Files section.

  • 22-Sep-2016 07:55 AM: Just for clarification: Exam I will cover the material from Lessons 1 through 10. (See Calendar section.) This corresponds to Learning Objectives 1 through 30.

  • 19-Sep-2016 04:06 PM: We will have an exam help session Wednesday, Sept 21 at 5:15 pm in O201. We will go over how to study for an exam efficiently, as well as how to take an exam efficiently.

  • 15-Sep-2016 04:40 PM:
    • As discussed I will collect your in-class quizzes during the in-class exams. Be sure to have them in chronological order, and have your refelctions written on them.
    • Old Exams 1 added to Files section for your studying pleasure.
    • Files also update with in-class notes filled-in and in-class example solutions.

  • 06-Sep-2016 05:56 PM:
    • Today's quiz answers in Quiz section.
    • Files updated with new solutions.
    • A reminder of how the daily quiz will work:
      • Each day we have a quiz you will have some time to think about the answers by yourself.
      • Next you will have some time to discuss your answers with your neighbor(s). You can change your responses if you wish.
      • You can also change your responses at any time during the day's class after that.
      • You will then take your quiz home with you!
      • I will post the correct answers to each daily quiz online before the end of the day.
      • You will then correct your own quiz. For each incorrect response, you need to reflect on why you got it incorrect, and then write something about that on the quiz.
      • At the end of the quarter I will collect all of your quizzes, which should be in chronological order.
      • Your total quiz grade will be based only on whether or not you turned in the quizzes, and whether or not you wrote reflective statements for incorrect responses.

  • 02-Sep-2016 05:12 PM:
    • Lesson 2 filled-in notes and worked out examples now in Files section.
    • Quiz 2 answers in Quiz section.

  • 30-Aug-2016 02:34 PM: There is a new homework cover sheet in the Files page for use with turning in homework.

  • 30-Aug-2016 02:34 PM: Look here for course announcements, web updates, bad jokes, and anything else I feel like posting.