Anime Showing Schedule - Year Overview

Fall Quarter Baccano! Fate/Zero
No Game No Life
Winter Quarter The Devil is a Part-Timer Yona of the Dawn
Beautiful Bones: Sakurako's Investigation
Spring Quarter Kyousou Giga Ghost Stories
Angel Beats

Anime Showing Schedule - Winter Quarter Detail Schedule

Week 1December 3rd Devil Ep.1~3Yona Ep.1~3
Week 2December 10th Devil Ep.4~6Yona Ep.4~6
Week 3December 17th Devil Ep.7~9Yona Ep.7~9
Week 4January 7th Devil Ep.10~13Yona Ep. 10~12
Week 5January 14th Bones Ep. 1~3Yona Ep13~15
Week 6January 21st Greatest Floor
Week 7January 28th Bones Ep.4~6Yona Ep.16~18
Week 8February 4th Bones Ep.7~9Yona Ep.19~21
Week 9February 11th Bones Ep.10~12Yona Ep.22~24
Week 10February 18th Marathon!!! (and finals)