Anime Showing Schedule - Year Overview

Fall Quarter Humanity Has
Winter Quarter Lupin The Third:
The Woman Called
Fujiko Mine
Future Diary
Lagrange: The Flower
of Rin-ne
Spring Quarter K Guilty Crown

Anime Showing Schedule - Fall Quarter Detail Schedule

Week 0September 5th Wolf Children & Berserk
Week 1September 12th Humanity Ep.1~3Psycho-Pass Ep.1~3
Week 2September 19th Humanity Ep.4~6Psycho-Pass Ep.4~6
Week 3September 26th Humanity Ep.7~9Psycho-Pass Ep.7~9
Week 4October 3rd Humanity Ep.10~12Psycho-Pass Ep.10~12
Week 5October 10th Jormungand Ep.1~3Psycho-Pass Ep.13~15
Week 6October 17th FALL BREAK!
Go Gather Some Leaves.
Week 7October 24th Jormungand Ep.4~6Psycho-Pass Ep.16~18
Week 8October 31th Jormungand Ep.7~9Psycho-Pass Ep.19~22
Week 9November 7th Jormungand Ep.10~12A Movie!
Week 10November 14th Have fun with those Exams! >:D