Anime Showing Schedule - Year Overview

Fall Quarter Baccano Bodacious
Space Pirates
Spice and Wolf
Winter Quarter Baka and Test Mushishi
Black Lagoon
Spring Quarter Arakawa Under the Bridge Toaru Kagaku no Railgun
Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere

Anime Showing Schedule - Spring Quarter Detail Schedule

Week 1March 14th Arakawa Ep.1~3Railgun Ep.1~3
Week 2March 21th Arakawa Ep.4~6Railgun Ep.4~6
Week 3March 28th Arakawa Ep.7~9Railgun Ep.7~9
Week 4April 4th Arakawa Ep.10~13Railgun Ep.10~12
Week 5April 11th Horizon Ep.1~3Railgun Ep.13~15
Week 6April 18th SPRING BREAK!
Go eat a coconut.
Week 7May 2nd Horizon Ep.4~6Railgun Ep.16~18
Week 8May 9th Horizon Ep.7~9Railgun Ep.19~21
Week 9May 16th Horizon Ep.10~13Railgun Ep.22~24
Week 10May 23rd Have fun with those Exams! >:D