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Move Update Announcement

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has implemented a "Move Update Compliance Process".  What is "Move Update" and why should I care?  RHIT often sends mailings at discounted First Class rates.  The USPS requires that the sender verify that the NAME/INDIVIDUAL to whom the mail is addressed, actually resides at that address.

If your department uses an ancillary endorsement (Address Service Requested, Return Service Requested or Change Service Requested) AND your department updates its database with information, you are in compliance.  However, you must be able to prove that the database was updated.  The USPS has assigned field auditors to businesses to verify that they are maintaining compliance with the "Move Update Compliance Process."

Failure to prove your compliance could subject your department to penalties by the USPS and loss of past and future discounts.

Here are some suggestions to help your department avoid these potential penalties and maintain compliance:                                                   

1)  For internal address databases (such as Banner) --maintain documentation that you have changed the address database.

2)  For externally purchased address databases--require the seller to certify that they are "Move Update" compliant.

3)  For all address databases--consider sending the address database to a NCOA (National Change of Address) vendor for updates.  Please contact Nancy Neice x8086 for the appropriate vendor information.

PLEASE REMEMBER, "Move Update" and "CASS" are two totally different requirements.  CASS tells the USPS that the street and city address on your mail falls in a deliverable range preset by the USPS.  It contains a legit +4 and delivery point barcode.  The Mail Processing Center has software that will "CASS" certify the mailing address.

Please contact Nancy x8086 for further information on either of these mailing requirements.

Mail Services Alert

See Safety Guidelines for questions about how Mailrooms and offices should handle mail that may contain a written threat of chemical or biological material inside of mail that may contain a substance or form of powder. 

Also, you can view a video on Protecting Mailrooms from Biological Threats for more information relating to safety and suspicious mail. You will need RealPlayer to view the video. The video can be best viewed by enlarging the screen and increasing the volume on your speakers.