So you want to be an Engineer (or Scientist or Mathematician)?

Currently among the TEDxRoseHulman group we have people on three different continents all doing different work. I am personally doing cryogenics in Slovakia; Donnita is working on drugs in Indianapolis, IN; and Nate is doing orthopedic research in Terre Haute, IN. Marcel is doing mechanical design in California, and Ranjana is doing amazing work in India.

It’s true that engineering will take you amazing places, but to where?

“Where” doesn’t have to be a new land across the sea or even a different state, but a new field of work. Engineering varies from transportation, energy, food, medicine, production and even fields that don’t exist yet. Almost anything can be improved by engineering. An Engineer can go to any field anywhere.

Engineer comes from the Latin word “cleverness”. But it is more than just being clever. It is thinking in a new way, not outside the box but by finding a new box. 33% of CEOs have majors in engineering. Both of these facts are interesting but point out a something that’s even bigger. Engineering solves problems in the best way possible and becomes successful because of it.

So you want to be an Engineer? Be willing to take the risk with the new idea. Try to solve a problem more than one way. Take it apart and put it back together even better. You can do it bigger, better, faster, stronger.

If Say Anything says it right: Just “Do Better”.