Engineering + Food = Success

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I’m in Bangalore, India for the summer, and I can’t resist eating as much Indian food as I can while I’m here. One day, my mother took me to a new restaurant chain that I had never been to before – ‘Adiga’s’ – and mentioned to me that the Chairman and CEO was actually an engineer.

Vasudev Adiga was a working engineer when he was asked by his father to take over a failing family restaurant. At first, he wasn’t successful – he was ran himself into debt and there was endless competition around the city that ate away at his business.

Eventually, by researching other restaurants to find what made them successful and concentrating on those elements in his own restaurant, Adiga was able to make his business profitable and expand throughout the city.

In other parts of southern India, chain restaurants have risen in popularity to deliver fast, good quality Udupi cuisine, and some have even reached international fame. In Bangalore, however, Adiga’s is the first chain to really gain staying power and popularity. They even have plans to expand throughout India after receiving some private equity funding.

I doubt it was a coincidence that the man to turn the restaurant around and grow it into a franchise was an engineer by training. He was able to effectively identify the problem areas and create workable solutions to them and created a base model that can now be used throughout the country, a systematic approach of which any engineer would be proud.