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Some Cool Facts about TED and TEDx, Part I

Hey everyone!

We’re less than two weeks away from TEDxRoseHulman! If you’d like to attend our event, don’t forget to register here. We only have a limited number of seats in Hatfield Hall, but we will still be simulcasting the show to various rooms across campus! Everyone is also invited to our dessert reception immediately following the event.

As promised, we’ll be handing out free TEDxRoseHulman t-shirts for people who know answers to our trivia questions, whose answers are listed below! Keep reading and stop by our table in the Union from 10:50-1:30 on Sept. 25th, 26th and 27th for a chance to win free stuff!

-TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design. Their events work to bring people together from these three seemingly separate worlds.

-TEDx is under the umbrella of TED, and the ‘x’ denotes an independently organized event.

-TED’s motto is ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’.

-TEDx events have been held in over 130 countries.

-Over 20% of Fortune 500 CEOs have a degree in engineering.

-There are over 16,500 TEDx talks online. About 168 of these talks have been elected to be featured on the official TED website.

-TEDx talks have a combined 120 million views online.