Meet Your Orientation Team

Orientation Team

Back Row (left to right): Daisy Chen, Ashley Schumacher, Kevin Dwyer, Gary Newell, Ben Klick Front Row (left to right):  Emily Davis, Jaci Dalton, Katherine Moravec, Jess Ahlborn, Arda Tugay (kneeling) Under Bench: Paige Pinkstaff Not Pictured: LeKisha Bradley

The Union and Student Activities staff and all the staff and faculty around campus devote much attention to ensuring that your first week at school sets you up for success. But the people you'll come to depend on first are our Orientation Leaders.

About the Orientation Leaders:

Jaci Dalton: Class of 2014, Pittsburgh, PA; EE
Kevin Dwyer: Class of 2014, St. Louis, MO; ME
Katherine Moravec: Class of 2014, Seymour, IN; ChemE/BCMB 
Paige Pinkstaff: Class of 2014, Francisco, IN; CE
Arda Tugay: Class of 2014, Ankura, Turkey; CS/SE
LeKisha Bradley: Class of 2015, Richmond, IN; ME
Jess Ahlborn: Class of 2015, Houghton, MI; BE
Emily Davis: Class of 2015, Greenwood, IN; CHE
Ashley Schumacher: Class of 2015, St. Louis, MO; CE
Daisy (Jia) Shen: Class of 2015, Shangai, PRC; CE
Ben Klick: Class of 2016, Marengo, IL; CE
Gary Newell: Class of 2016, Lawrenceville, IL; ME