[R.]esidence [H.]all [A.]ssociation
During each meeting we break into committees, each with different goals. After some time we get back together and each committee head reports back on what his or her committee discussed. This allows us to cover more topics in a short amount of time and get the most participation from residents attending RHA.


The On-campus committee plans everything that RHA does on campus for the residents. We keep Chauncey's stocked with the newest DVDs. We plan and run competitive tournaments like Smash Brothers, Texas Hold'em, Holiday Decorating, Res Hall Feud, and more. We also show movies outdoors on the big screen, and sponsor an Easter egg hunt in the spring. We also take your best ideas on how to improve the on campus living experience and make them a reality.


Rose is great for school and sports, but have you ever wanted to get away from it all? the Off-campus committee meets during every RHA meeting to brainstorm new places to go throughout the school year. Events vary from exotic restaurants to amusement parks. If you have an idea for a great group activity off campus (or even out of town), bring the idea to RHA!


Volunteer? Do I have to build a house or help run an orphanage? No, volunteering is so much more than that. Everyday we volunteer our time by helping other people out. The service committee focuses on improving the Terre Haute community. Several events include helping underprivileged kids at Ryves Hall, hosting Blood Drives and fundraising for local charity organizations, as well as the quarterly Give Up A Meal (GUAM) program. Join the service committee to find out what service is really all about.


The publicity committee is in charge of publicizing R.H.A. events. If you enjoy making creative flyers or doing publicity stunts (can you say, bunny costume?) then this is the committee for you. We are also in charge of designing and buying promotional items like hats, frisbees, and snap bracelets to encourage residents to come to R.H.A. meetings.