Constitution of the Rose-Hulman Quiz Bowl Club

Article I: Name

The official name of this club shall be the “Rose-Hulman Quiz Bowl Club”. It may commonly be known as “Quiz Bowl Club”, “QBC”, etc.

Article II: Mission Statement (Preamble)

The purpose of this club is to promote curiosity and enjoyment of learning by encouraging interest in trivia and facilitating student participation in trivia competitions such as College Bowl, NAQT and ACF.

Article III: Role of this Document (Preamble)

Section A: Adoption of this Document
Upon an affirmative vote by two-thirds of a quorum, this document will be officially adopted by the Rose-Hulman Quiz Bowl Club and its rules shall be binding upon the organization and its members.
Section B: Repeal of This Document
Should the club ever desire to repeal this document, a written petition must be made to the President. At the next official meeting, a vote will be taken on the issue; if a two-thirds majority of the entire membership in good standing agrees to the repeal, this document shall be rescinded and all obligations and rules it places upon the club save financial obligations already incurred shall be null and void.
Section C: Amendment of This Document
This document may be amended by two-thirds of a quorum at any official meeting. Amendments will be included in a separate section of the document and will take priority over pertinent language in the document’s body. Changes to the body of this document after its adoption may be made only by unanimous consent of a quorum and then only for the purposes of correcting errors or clarifying language.

Article IV: Officers and Elections

Section A: Positions
The officers of the Rose-Hulman Quiz Bowl Club shall be: a president, a vice-president, a treasurer, a secretary and a webmaster.
Section B: Duties of the President
The President of the Rose-Hulman Quiz Bowl Club shall be responsible for coordination of club participation in tournaments, scheduling and presiding over standard club meetings, serving as the default representative when dealing with other clubs and organizations and ensuring that the Rose-Hulman Quiz Bowl Club meets its obligations in regards to tournaments in which it competes.
Section C: Duties of the Vice President
The Vice-President of the Rose-Hulman Quiz Bowl Club shall be responsible for ensuring that the club meets all RHIT requirements, supervising recruitment efforts, communicating with the faculty/staff advisor, helping new and prospective members to find a place in the club, and assisting the President in such ways as both shall deem appropriate.
Section D: Duties of the Treasurer
The Treasurer of the Rose-Hulman Quiz Bowl Club shall be responsible for overseeing the finances of the club, making budget requests to the Student Government Association, approving the provision and purchase of new equipment and ensuring that fees owed to the club by its members are collected.
Section E: Duties of the Secretary
The Secretary of the Rose-Hulman Quiz Bowl Club shall be responsible for maintaining a list of current members, taking attendance at official meetings and other events, keeping members apprised of Quiz Bowl-related news and events, and coordinating club publicity efforts. He/she shall also take reasonable performance statistics as requested by the President and keep track of teams which have registered to compete in any tournaments sponsored by the club.
Section F: Duties of the Webmaster
The Webmaster of the Rose-Hulman Quiz Bowl Club shall be responsible for all tasks required to maintain the club’s web presence, including design and updating of webpages and solicitation of links from appropriate trivia related sites. If no nomination is made for this position, it will fall by default to the individual who is elected Secretary.
Section G: Delegation of Duties
An officer of the Rose-Hulman Quiz Bowl Club may, barring objection from the other officers, delegate his/her duties to a member in good standing on a partial or temporary basis.
Section H: Qualifications
All officer candidates must be members in good standing. In addition:
· No individual may be nominated for President who has not been a member of the club for at least one full academic quarter.
· In general multiple offices may be held by one individual; however, the President may hold no other office.
Section I: Impeachment of Officers
If it is deemed that an officer has violated his/her trust or is failing to meet his/her obligations to the club, a member in good standing may request a vote of no confidence. This vote must be held at the next official meeting of the club, and all members in good standing may cast a vote. If a majority of a quorum of members in good standing vote to impeach the officer in question, he/she shall be removed from his/her post and a replacement shall be selected by immediate vote of those assembled. Should no nominee receive a majority vote, an acting replacement shall be selected from the nominees by the remaining officers.

Article V: Proceedings

Section A: Club Meetings
The Rose-Hulman Quiz Bowl Club may hold two types of general meetings: one, a standard meeting (or “practice”), will consist of trivia questions or games, and the other, an issues meeting, will contain club discussion and votes on pending issues. The latter may be combined with the former at the discretion of the President. During the normal academic year, officers will make reasonable efforts to schedule standard meetings on a regular basis. The President will have the final say on all meeting times and places save those of meetings called for the purpose of impeaching him/her.
Section B: Competitions and Events
The Rose-Hulman Quiz Bowl Club shall participate in tournaments as it is reasonably able. Teams will be formed by mutual selection; if enough members are interested in competing to justify multiple teams, the President will determine how selections should be made. If the tournament in question requires the fulfillment of additional, non-financial obligations (e.g., moderators, readers or questions, as required by the ACF), it shall be the responsibility of the President to ensure that these are met.
Section C: Home Tournaments
The Rose-Hulman Quiz Bowl Club may vote to sponsor tournaments at RHIT for the enjoyment of Rose students and non-Rose (“visiting”) quiz bowl teams. Such tournaments will be scheduled at least a month in advance and reasonable efforts will be made to publicize them to the appropriate audience. All teams which the available facilities, equipment and personnel are capable of handling will be admitted to the event. Should any of the preceding become a limiting factor, the officers of the club shall not discriminate on the basis of reputation or ability; slots will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

Article VI: Membership Rules

Section A: Membership
To become a member of the Rose-Hulman Quiz Bowl Club, an individual must be a student or faculty member at the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. A qualified individual is considered a member of the Rose-Hulman Quiz Bowl Club when he/she:
· Competes in an event under the auspices of the Rose-Hulman Quiz Bowl Club
· Attends more than one meeting of the organization and expresses a desire to be listed as a member
Section B: Rights of Members
A member in good standing is accorded the right to vote on all issues set before the club, and to request a club vote or discussion on an issue of concern. He or she is also permitted to participate in all Rose-Hulman Quiz Bowl Club events for which he/she is eligible on the basis of class standing, academic status and other standards imposed by the event’s sponsor. Finally, he/she may propose an official meeting or participation in any quiz tournament which he/she feels is appropriate to the purpose of the club.
Section C: Good Standing
At the time a student enlists as a member, he or she is in good standing with the Rose-Hulman Quiz Bowl Club and enjoys all rights and responsibilities described in Section B of this article. He or she remains in good standing as long as none of the following occur:
· Grade point average (cumulative or term) drops below the acceptable threshold established by his/her class, placing him/her on academic probation
· He/she fails to reimburse the club for a competition fee or other expense in a timely manner, as determined by the Treasurer of the club; the length of time allowed him/her for payment may be no less than two weeks from the date of the official invoice
· He/she is voted out of the club for egregiously inappropriate conduct by a 3/4ths majority of members in good standing
· He/she graduates from the Institute or leaves its employ
In the latter case, the member is considered an alumnus in good standing. In the former two cases, the member may recover good standing by remedying the appropriate situation. The case of a member being ejected from the club by vote is more serious; in such instances, the member must petition the club for readmission and receive a vote of confidence from a quorum of members in good standing. While not in good standing, a member may attend meetings and participate in discussion but may not vote on issues put before the club. Additionally, he must have the approval of the officers to participate in competitions and tournaments under the auspices of the Rose-Hulman Quiz Bowl Club.

Article VII: Bylaws

Section A: Official Symbols
Section B: Tournament Participation
Section C: Relationship to the Rose-Hulman College Bowl Tournament