Facilities use policies and guidelines for the White Chapel

The building is dedicated space "in which students can worship and seek spiritual refuge in time of doubt or troubles." It is a nondenominational chapel for the worship services of recognized campus organizations.

Priorities for building use are: 1) Recognized Rose-Hulman groups; 2) RHIT student, faculty and staff, RHIT alums; and 3) others as resources and personnel are available.

Rose-Hulman groups may reserve dates 13 months to the date in advance, others 12 months.

  1. Building use is limited to spiritual and educational programs. The chapel can be reserved for worship, Bible study and weddings and memorial services as scheduled through the Union Office. A $100 deposit is required to reserve the facility. MAXIMUM CAPACITY IS 200.
  2. The building will be available only at prescheduled time. (To be determined)
  3. Building use is subject to facility and personnel availability and compliance with chapel rules, procedures and policies.
  4. Chapel staff and authorized personnel are in charge at all times and all persons and groups are subject to their directions, instructions, and decisions especially in times prior to or pending a natural disaster or emergency (e.g., fire, tornado or earthquake).
  5. Chapel staff (on duty) are to have access to the chapel at all times.
  6. Groups using the facility are responsible for returning the facility to the condition before use (i.e., removing any decorations or materials immediately after the service).
  7. The contact person of a group will be held responsible for the behavior and actions of the group members while using the facility. Group members are defined as any person present at the group function. Groups using the facility must provide the name of outside minister/s officiating at the service.
  8. Use of facilities is limited to the group contracting the event.
  9. Groups are responsible for any damages or losses incurred during the reserved time.
  10. Chapel equipment, furniture or supplies are not to be removed from the building. NOTHING is to be hung on, attached to or suspended from the inside or to the outside of the chapel. It is suggested that easels or table displays be used as needed.
  11. No alcohol or drugs are permitted in the building or on the grounds. No intoxicated or inappropriate behavior will be allowed.
  12. Service for food or beverages must be contracted through Bon Appetit, the campus food service. NO FOOD OR DRINK CAN BE BROUGHT INTO THE BUILDING. Outside food vendors may not be used.
  13. Arrangements for musicians are the responsibility of the renter. Rehearsal time must be arranged in advance with the Union Office. Groups or individuals using the facility must provide the names of musicians and/or performers. Certificates of insurance must be provided for those individuals contracted by the user.
  14. Arrangements with florists are to be made by the renter. Delivery and setup time must be prearranged with the Union Office.
  15. If needed, ceremony, rehearsal and photography times are to be booked at the same time. Rehearsal times will be scheduled around the needs and regularly scheduled services of the campus groups. Access to the chapel will be available only during the reservation times cited in the contract. Reservation times should include time for setup prior to the ceremony and will not exceed 1½ hours prior to the service if time is available and scheduled in advance; cleanup not more than 1 hour after the ceremony - as time is available. Staff will have access for necessary cleaning immediately after scheduled ceremony and during your scheduled cleanup to prepare for the next group.
  16. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building.
  17. No rice, confetti, flower petals or birdseed may be used in the chapel or the area surrounding the chapel. Bubbles are acceptable outside the chapel only. (Please do not distribute those until your guests leave the building.)
  18. Only dripless or butane candles can be used in the facility. Two 7-candle candelabra with dripless candles are available for use.
  19. Reservations for long-term use by non-Rose groups are prohibited.
  20. A copy of the "Use of Facilities Agreement" with a certificate of insurance must be on file in the Union Office to use the facility. Payment, insurance info and documentation of arrangements for the use of the facility are due one month prior to the event.
  21. Those using aisle runners should know that the distance from the bottom step of platform to arch of the hallway is ~65'. The distance from the bottom of the platform to the lounge is ~75'.