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  Visionary beginnings: An on-campus Town Hall

The “Great” Debate was a year-long process, starting in late 2011 with events held in over a dozen cities across the nation. Rose-Hulman’s then president, Matt Branam, believed that it was incumbent upon a leading school like Rose-Hulman, which has spent 15 years ranked at the very top of engineering education,  to set the pace for future engineering, science, and mathematics education. At each event, Branam and the Rose-Hulman team gathered local alumni and friends to discuss the future of the institute.  The greater Rose-Hulman community brought forth hundreds of pages of aspirational ideas, and the Rose-Hulman team compiled, read and categorized all of them. A final process of discussion and vetting, involving all levels of the community, identified core themes and distilled them into six powerful goals, the Rose-Hulman Strategic Plan 2013-2018.



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Strategic Plan 2013-18

Themes put forth by the community

A photo album of the events