Renting space in the Hulman Union Building

There are a variety of rooms available for meetings and receptions in the Union. Rose-Hulman groups have priority on these facilities. RHIT groups are encouraged to make reservations early to avoid conflict with outside groups. The Vonderschmidt Dining Room and Kahn Rooms typically fill up first. The building is equipped with wireless internet though guest are required to obtain log-in information. 

For reservations call Tracy Crosby at 812-877-8346.

Catering arrangements must be made with ARAMARK. Call Ryan Rogers, Catering Manager, 812-872-6040 for details.

Room descriptions: main level

Vonderschmidt Dining Room (HMU 216)
Floor-to-ceiling windows bring the outside into this room. It has oak flooring. This room is only available when student meals are not being served.

Key features:

  • Dining capacity of the room is 300 people. More people can be seated if the tile area is used.
  • A sound system is available.
  • Limited general stage lighting is available.

The Kahn rooms (HMU 233)
Robert Kahn - East side (HMU 233B)
Louise Kahn - West side (HMU 233A)

The room can be used as one large room or separated into two rooms with a floor to ceiling room divider.

Key features:
The entire room will seat 150 at round tables with six chairs at each table. (No room for a head table or buffet, or DJ etc.)

  • Theater seating for 200 - 250.
  • Each side will seat 100.
  • The east side contains a large projection screen and computer projector.
  • Phone jacks are available.
  • Opaque blinds can be used to cover the windows
  • Very limited general stage lighting is available on the west side.
  • An overhead sound system is available.

The Heritage room (HMU 265)
The setup in this room can be customized to meet your needs. This is a great room for a small reception or luncheon.

Key features:

  • Maximum capacity: 16 people
  • Phone jack is available.

The Lillian Harris Ross Room (formerly Performing Arts Room (HMU 263)
The setup in this room can be customized to meet your needs.

Key features:

  • Maximum capacity with tables and chairs is 60 people.
  • Theater seating capacity is approx. 75 - 80.
  • Phone jack is available.

The Dorothy Rutherford Logan Room(formerly Music Room) (HMU 260)
Organs and a piano can be found in this room. This is an ideal location for small meetings or a luncheon. 

Key features:

  • Maximum capacity with tables and chairs is about 25 people.
  • Phone jack is available.

TheGloria Andersen Dougherty Room (formerly  Reading Room) (HMU 262)
Key features:

  • Luncheon or meeting capacity is approx. 14.
  • Theater seating capacity is about 25 people.
  • Phone jack is available.

Conference room (HMU 257)
The conference room contains a large conference table with 14 chairs. An Eagan Board is available for use.

Key features:

  • Phone and data jacks are located in this room.

Faculty dining room (HMU 217)
A great view of the Sports and Recreation Center is provided through the walls of windows on the north and east sides of this room. Please note, this room is unavailable Monday-Friday when classesare in session.

Key features:

  • Maximum capacity with tables and chairs is 80-100.
  • Theater seating capacity is approx. 120.
  • Phone jack is available.

Room descriptions: lower level

Student affairs conference room (HMU 150)
Reservations for this room must be made by contacting the Student Affairs Office ext. 8434.

Key features:

  • Fixed seating for 10.
  • A phone is available.

This facility is used as a snack bar for students and has very limited availability.

Key features:

  • Fourteen data jacks are available.