Student Organization Handbook

The online student organization handbook serves as a resource for established student organizations as well as for students trying to start new student organizations. It provides information on student organization recognition & registration, funding, community service recognition, and event planning. It also contains commonly used forms including budget request forms and travel waivers.

Please take the time to read through all of the information. Officers and members of all organizations/clubs are responsible for knowing this information.

Any feedback you have regarding the Online Student Organization Handbook is greatly appreciated.  Please contact Kristen Latta, assistant director of student services, with suggestions.

The handbook contains the following:

The Benefits of Being a Registered Student Organization

Registered student organizations and clubs enrich the Rose-Hulman community in many ways. They provide an opportunity for learning outside the classroom, for meeting other people, for sharing interests, for broadening one’s horizons, for developing life, work & leadership skills, for gaining experience, and for engaging students as citizens of the campus community.

Being a registered student organization at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology has many benefits.

Registered student organizations are:

  • Permitted to reserve meeting rooms and facilities on campus

  • Permitted to reserve campus equipment

  • Eligible to petition for SGA funding (if the organization falls within the guidelines for funded SGA organizations)

  • Use of the Institute’s tax exemptions (please contact the Student Activities Office for information on this process and to obtain appropriate tax exemption documentation)

  • Covered by Rose-Hulman’s liability/insurance plan

  • Access to resources provided by the Student Activities Office and the Sports & Recreation Center

  • Permitted to have an organization webpage

  • Included in the Student Activities Office’s web directory

  • Permitted to post fliers on campus

  • Permission to use Rose-Hulman in the title of the organization

  • Invited to participate in the annual Student Organization Fair during Orientation

  • Invited to participate in the annual Student Involvement Celebration

Responsibilities of a Registered Student Organization

Along with the benefits of being an official part of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, registered student organization status also comes with many responsibilities. 

  • Registered student organizations are required to comply with all Institute policies including, but not limited to, the Student Handbook, Academic Rules & Procedures, and Honor Code.  Organizations must also comply with local, state, and federal rules and policies. It is the responsibility of each member of an organization to be familiar with all policies and to ensure that the organization is in compliance.

  • Registered student organizations must consistently provide updated contact information to the assistant dean of student services or the director of intramural sports & clubs.  This information will be reflected on the organization’s formal RHIT website and will be used for all communications between the Student Activities Office/Sports Clubs Office and the organization.

  • Each fall and spring, organizations will be required to submit requested data to maintain “registered” status via the student activities office (please note: requirements are subject to change):

    • Fall Registration Requirements - All Information Submitted via Banner Web

      • Completed online registration form

      • Updated constitution

      • Roster

    • Spring Registration Requirements - All Information Submitted via Banner Web

      • Completed online registration form

      • Community service information

  • Organizations may not discriminate against any potential members on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age, citizenship status, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, or sexual identity or expression

  • Organization members are also responsible for ensuring that their organizations do not participate in any hazing activities.

Contacting Us

The Union & Student Activities Office serves as a resource for student organizations.  Please stop by with questions, concerns, or just for friendly conversation!  The Union & Student Activities Office is located in the Hulman Union, Room 242.

Kristen Loyd
Director of Student Services and the Hulman Union



Kristen Latta
Assistant Director of Student Services



Tracy Crosby
Administrative Assistant



Sport Clubs Contact

The Sports & Recreation Center staff serves as a resource for sport clubs and organizations.  

Jordan Barrett
Assistant Director for Intramurals, Club Sports & Special Events

812/201-7903 cell
812/877-8961 office
Email: barrett1[at]rose-hulman[dot]edu