Did you know that approximately 36 percent of Rose-Hulman students are affiliated with one of our eleven Greek letter organizations?

InServiceA tradition as rich as Greek Life offers students an opportunity to experience leadership development, to serve the local Terre Haute and campus community, network with local alumni to form career connections, and make lifelong friendships. All chapters at Rose-Hulman are associated with a national or international organization and are frequently asked to participate in service projects on and off-campus. Our Greek organizations are an important part of the Terre Haute community.


Things your student should consider

As the parent of a potential new member, it is important that you sit down to discuss involvement in fraternities and sororities and research all available opportunities. The formal recruitment and joining process begins in early September and lasts about two months. Utilizing this website as well as local and national chapter websites will help you make an informed decision during this process. Also, feel free to ask fraternities and sororities about the financial and housing responsibilities associated with membership. Both fraternities and sororities on campus have fantastic introductory programs that explain what is involved in joining a Greek organization and make resources available to students who have questions.

Rose-Hulman is committed to the success of the Greek community. Over the past few years, the university has dedicated significant resources that oversee all chapters in the Greek community. University resources provided to fraternities and sororities include leadership retreats and training, educational programs that cover topics such as time management, study skills, and career networking resources, an awards celebration that spotlights student leadership, and opportunities to send students to national fraternity and sorority conferences, just to name a few.

What about academics?

Despite the common stereotypes of Greek students, at Rose-Hulman academics are a number one priority regardless of the student organization. The all-Greek Average GPA is consistently higher than that of the independent (non-affiliated) students on campus, proving that Greeks at Rose-Hulman are able to experience all of the benefits of an additional family while academically performing with excellence.

We're happy to answer your questions about Greek Life at Rose-Hulman.