Theta Xi

President Zach Schafer
Vice President Grant Shortridge
Senior House Walter Panfil
Secretary Blake Mclemore
Treasurer Chace Beard
 Junior House David Mason
Scholarship Navin Wiess
Faculty Advisor Zac Chambers

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Theta Xi Fraternity was founded at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute as a social fraternity for people pursuing the study of engineering. On April 9, 1926, Theta Xi became a general college fraternity establishing chapters at non-technical schools. Today there are 74 chapters and 3 colonies located at colleges and universities across the nation. The Kappa chapter was founded here at Rose-Hulman on March 30, 1907. The chapter house is presently located at 902 South Sixth Street, and has a capacity of 24 brothers. The location allows each brother a change of pace from the academic atmosphere and provides him with a homelike atmosphere. Each brother is given a chance to develop his own individuality while contributing to the group's benefit. Also, he learns to live and work with many different people.

Updated 12/15