American Society of Civil Engineers

                                                        President Jace Kempen 
                                                        Vice President Nicole Mora 
                                                       Secretary Joy Atzinger 
                                                       Treasurer  Nick Kowalkowski
                                                       Advisor Dr. Matthew Lovell


Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology's American Society of Civil Engineers student chapter has been very successful at accomplishing whatever yearly goals we set for ourselves. We let our mission to "Expose students and the community to civil engineering through service and education" guide the type of service projects and programs that we organize throughout the year.

To that end, we participate in many types of community service projects in order to serve various groups within Terre Haute as well as give our members a chance to put their knowledge and skills to use.  Examples of such projects we completed in addition to a porch staircase build and playground build for a community center.

Besides having a committment to service, our members also look to educate the community about the engineering disciplines, especially civil engineering.  In order to do so, our members have assisted with the Explore Engineering activities for middle school students and Youth Science Day for elementary school students.  At these sessions, w explain to the students just what we do in civil engineering and how it is an interesting and worthwhile career by giving presentations and engaging them in activities.  One that is usually popular is a popsicle bridge building contest, where they build their own bridges and we load them until failure occurs to see whose design was the best.  We hope to continue our strong tradition of community involvement and education for years to come.

Updated 5/16