Students supporting students

The RA staff here at Rose-Hulman takes much pride in what we do. We are responsible for providing an enjoyable environment for students living in the residence halls. We provide hall education programs, promote floor activities and campus-wide events, enforce campus rules, act as a resource to all students, and most of all......provide FUN! Just because we love our jobs does not mean we try to tackle all these responsibilities by ourselves. All the freshman RAs receive backup from our Sophomore Advisor staff (We call them SAs.) Our SAs live on the freshman floors (2 per floor) and contribute their time to helping freshman students with homework questions, planning and promoting floor activities, encouraging student participation in campus organizations, and helping the RAs to build a floor community. We are extremely proud of the pride and closeness that is created on each floor throughout the year. Our system of RAs and SAs has proven very effective when balancing the responsibilities of a residence hall staff.

Five professional staff live in our residence halls.

Erik Hayes, Associate Dean of Student Affairs, lives in Speed Hall. Kyle Rhodes, Assistant Director of Residence Life, lives in Apartments East.  A team of Graduate Assistants also provides additional supervision. Maggie Redman lives in Deming Hall, Nebula Schultz lives in Scharpenberg Hall and Bennie Waters lives in Percopo Hall.

Get to know your student life staff

Apartment Style Residence - East Wing

Schaudt Elaine
Martin Patrick

Myers Seth

Elaine Schaudt Patrick Martin Seth Myers

Apartment Style Residence - West Wing

Jacoby Alex Brandenburg Katrina Coker Collin
Alex Jacoby Katrina Brandenburg Collin Coker

Blumberg Hall

Pardieck Cory Chanana Dev  Beam Zach
Cory Pardieck Dev Chanana Zach Beam
 Shine Fiona Bevington Cassidy Foote Regan
Fiona Shine Cassidy Bevington Regen Foote

BSB Hall

Camara Caleb Masters Mulc Tommy
Caleb Camara John Masters Tommy Mulc
Craig Brock Koester Bryce Hamather Hazen
Brock Craig Bryce Koester Hazen Hamather
Cook Paige Dintelmann Jamie Ottone Olivia
Paige Cook Jamie Dintelmann Olivia Ottone

Deming Hall

Bander Nic Prevlukaj Gent Miller Erin
Nic Bander Gent Prelvukaj Erin Miller
Ohara Chris Reynolds Philip Komora Greg
Chris O'Hara Philip Reynolds Greg Komora
Leon Jorge Luis Thakker Milan Lui Chris
Jorge-Luis Leon Milan Thakker Christopher Lui
Wong Gunther Benshoof Ryan Jenkins Jonathan
Gunther Wong Ryan Benshoof Jonathan Jenkins

Lakeside Hall

Clarke Caitlin Shaffer Garrett Maginot Dan Davello Dan
Caitlin Clarke Garrett Shaffer Dan Maginot Dan D'Avello

Mees Hall

Abdel Rahman Omar Van Aken Mark Thomas Alex
Omar Abdel-Rahman Mark Van Aken Alex Thomas
Dobias Lauren Troccoli Casey Eberhardt Sarah
Lauren Dobias Casey Troccoli Sarah Eberhardt

Percopo Hall

Bertocci Jason Hensley Sarah Paik Monica
Jason Bertocci Sarah Hensley Monica Paik

Scharpenberg Hall

Tumey Joey Kelsay Matt Potter Matthew
Joey Tumey Matt Kelsay Matt Potter
Becker Kevin Kinsella Nate Gehman Isaac
Kevin Becker Nate Kinsella Isaac Gehman

Speed Hall

Merchant Alex Lee Corbin Adams ,-Matt 
Alex Merchant Corbin Lee Matt Adams
Marcin Carl Orzech Mitchell Stewart Nate
Carl Marcin Mitch Orzech Nate Stewart
Kessler Mason Hoodlebrink Tyler Morris Riley
Mason Kessler Tyler Hoodlebrink Riley Morris