A warm welcome to our international students!


P1020935Rose-Hulman welcomes students from around the world. The presence of international students on our campus helps us to realize the breadth and depth of differences in the world. Through interaction with different people, not only do we learn about different ways of living, but we also learn more about ourselves, and grow through understanding the differences. Engineers and scientists of the future need "cross-cultural competencies," those skills that will enable them to work and live productively in a variety of settings different from the ones in which they feel most comfortable.

Support services for our international students include an International Student Services Office - to assist international students with immigration issues, cross-cultural counseling, and other personal situations - and an active International Student Association.


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Karen DeGrange
Director of International Student Services


Karen DeGrange is ready to support and guide students through a wide range of visa and documentation issues. In addition, Ms. DeGrange plans cultural exchanges and activities throughout the school year, giving international students the opportunity to express and share their culture with others.