What you should know about insurance as a student

All students who do not have health coverage must purchase accident and health insurance coverage, and it will be included in the first billing statement of an academic year. If you are covered by your parents' or your own policy, you may waive the student health insurance prior to the start of each quarter.

Rose-Hulman is not liable for your personal belongings in your residence hall room. For that reason, if you live on campus we recommend you check your parents' homeowners insurance to see whether the coverage will extend to your campus residence. If it does not, we encourage you to purchase a renter's policy to cover your belongings.

Sometimes a student is required to drive a Rose-Hulman vehicle for department-sponsored club activities or other departmental use. Rose-Hulman covers the student under certain conditions. You must provide a current copy of your Motor Vehicle Report. Additionally, students are covered for certain accidents and illnesses that occur on campus. Both types of coverage are detailed on our Student Insurance web page.