Few people have cast a legacy as large on Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology as the two entities of our namesake: Chauncey Rose and the Hulman family.
  With an entrepreneurial spirit, Chauncey Rose left Connecticut in hopes of finding success in the Indian Territories. He eventually settled in Terre Haute, Indiana, in 1824 and earned a reputation
as a good and honest man of business, one trusted by others for fairness, and the soundness of his ideas on development.
  If Rose committed to an enterprise, people would know that it had been well thought out. Associates often described him in terms of "rigid honesty" and "scrupulous integrity." He brought the railroad industry through Terre Haute,
seeking a unique business model that featured reinvestment in technology to create the most efficient and safest railway system in the country.
  The idea for an engineering college was born during one of Rose's many train trips between Terre Haute and Indianapolis. He was having trouble getting men with technical training to come so far