Perhaps no family tree has prospered more from Rose-Hulman's fertile educational ground than David Hannum (ME, 1981), whose strong family heritage continues into a fourth generation.
  Hannum is chairman and chief executive officer of Garmong Construction Services, a family-owned business that has evolved into one of Indiana's premier contractors. He also founded Hannum, Wagle & Cline Engineering and Garmong Development Company.
  The Garmong family has a proud Rose-Hulman tradition, starting when the company's founder, Claude H. Garmong, sent his only son, Karl R. Garmong, to Rose Polytechnic Institute. Karl became the college's first architectural engineering graduate (1931) and used his college training to help the business prosper through the designing and building of commercial projects and patenting the original wood casement window. Garmong's son-in-law, Kenneth Hannum (EE, 1956), joined the firm as an industrial engineer and changed the market to commercial and manufacturing projects.
  In 1989, Kenneth's son, David, joined the firm to continue Garmong Construction Service's evolution. Under his leadership, the company has added full-service engineering and architectural design (Hannum, Wagle


& Cline Engineering), design/build capacity of large industrial projects, and financing and development capabilities of commercial or industrial projects (Garmong Development). The Garmong-Hannum family heritage also includes David's uncle Arnold Hannum (CE, 1949), Carl Garmong (ME, 1962), and Ned Hannum (ME, 1962), and two of David's children, Rachael (BE, 2007) and Eric (ME, 2012).
  "Claude (Garmong) thought it was a great measure of success to send his son to earn a Rose-Hulman degree, and that feeling of pride continues today> within the family," says David, a member of Rose-Hulman's Board of Trustees. "Rose-Hulman is a gold mine of young talent. The college continues to educate


tomorrow's engineering leaders."  
  Through those strong family ties and hiring other quality Rose-Hulman graduates, Garmong/Hannum entities have maintained the original emphasis of "quality first" and earned statewide engineering innovation excellence awards. Garmong Construction Services and HWC have established scholarships to encourage future Rose-Hulman graduates.
  "It has been a mutually beneficial relationship," says David, who has see the lessons of a Rose-Hulman education firsthand through Rachael and Eric. Both have started their own engineering careers. "As a father, alumnus, and trustee, I continue to be proud that Rose-Hulman is providing strong pathways to success for its students-past, present, and future."