cherry-orchardRose-Hulman and Japan's Kanazawa Institute of Technology (KIT) will celebrate their 20-year collaboration October 19-20 with educational workshops, social events, and dedication of a new campus landmark, a cherry orchard.
  The plaza with 40 Japanese Sakura trees will add beauty to the pathway leading to the White Chapel on the west edge of campus. The cherry tree is an exalted flowering plant in Japan, and the cherry blossom is a potent symbol equated with the evanescence of human life and epitomizes the transformation of Japanese culture throughout the ages. The number of trees being planted at Rose-Hulman is symbolic of each year in the partnership for both colleges.
  KIT and Rose-Hulman are among the top technological institutions in their countries and share a student-centered educational mission based on innovation. They have had student and faculty exchange programs for several years.
  A delegation of KIT administrators and educators will visit Rose-Hulman for a workshop on inverted classroom techniques. In return, the KIT group will host a session on its state-of-the-art Yumekoho Laboratory, the "Factory of Dreams," which several Rose-Hulman officials visited earlier this year.