"We are fortunate to have a safe, close-knit community-Goal 4 is devoted to enhancing that community through improved diversity, better student facilities, and more global experiences. We want Rose-Hulman to be the best place in the world to live, learn, and work," says Phillip Cornwell, Ph.D., Vice President for Academic Affairs. He also mentions that improving opportunities for our community can improve recruiting and retaining high-quality faculty and staff.
   Rebecca DeVasher, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Chemistry and a member of the Strategic Planning Team, adds, "Rose-Hulman is lik a briar patch-a safe, nearly idyllic place to learn, tucked away, and full of comfort and security so students can focus."
   The environment must always have students at the center. "Once our students get here, we often hear them say: 'This place really gets me excited to learn,'" explains Richard Stamper (ME, 1985), Ph.D., Interim Dean of Faculty. "Rose-Hulman can find more ways to do this. We can respond by saying, 'We know the engineering mind and we know the toys you'll like.'"