"The Rose-Hulman family culture is among our greatest strengths and most unique characteristics," says Trustee William Schindel (MA, 1969). "However, at the end of the four-year campus experience, we don't maintain the relationship very well. Other institutions have shown that it is possible to continue to cultivate a relationship for life."
   Vice President for Academic Affairs Phillip Cornwell, Ph.D., notes that during The "Great" Debate alumni said they are quick to attribute their academic success to positive relationships with their professors. However, alumni report they soon lose touch after graduation.
   "Why not strategically continue this four-year investment in an intense and meaningful relationship to a place and its people?" says Cornwell. In addition, Cornwell points out, there are many connections already in place-from corporate networking and recruitment, to Rose-Hulman Ventures and senior design project opportunities, to alumni coming back as mentors and speakers.
   "Alumni are our best representatives and many enjoy meeting potential students," says Cornwell, who suggests that alumni can be organized to better help with our student recruitment efforts.
   "There is no reason why our lifelong relationship with our alumni has to be limited to nostalgic memories, some periodic visits to campus at Homecoming, or receiving a publication from time to time," continues Schindel. He envisions an ongoing relationship that transcends the boundaries of space and time. There is also high demand for continuing and professional education among our alumni-with a special interest in online opportunities.