Rose-Hulman parking regulations

Parking Map large

Section A: All vehicles parked on campus are subject to State Licensing, Registration, and Insurance Laws, as well as, these regulations.

Section B: Handicapped and Visitor Spaces, Fire Lanes, Isle Ways, Driveways, and Building Entrances must be clear and accessible 24 hrs per day.

  • Parking near or around residence halls and all other campus buildings is strictly prohibited.
  • Fire Lanes and prohibited parking areas are painted yellow and/or posted by appropriate signage.

Section C: Parking on the Hadley Hall Cul-de-sac is prohibited. This area is for picking up or dropping off traffic only. Vehicles must designated by yellow painted markings.

Section D: All unlined areas within parking lots or on blacktop surfaces are prohibited parking.

Section E: Owner/Operators of vehicle's with excessive petroleum product leaks may be subject to special charges for damage to blacktop surfaces.

Section F: Vehicle's must be in moveable, operative condition, and may not be torn down for repair.

Section G: Only one vehicle per registrant may be parked on campus per time. A registrant having more than one vehicle registered is not allowed to store\additional vehicles.

  • Trailers and other special equipment are not allowed to be stored in a parking facility.

Section H: Motorcycles, Motor Scooters, or any other motorized vehicle may not be parked against any building and may not be taken inside.

Section I: Bicycles must be parked in bike racks. They are not to be taken inside buildings, and will not interfere with pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

Section J: On Campus fraternity and sorority parking are subject to these motor vehicle regulations.

Section K: Student Temporary Disabilities may be approved by the Student Health Service for special parking privileges.

Section L: Service Vehicle Spaces reserved at the rear of Logan Library, Crapo Hall, Waters Computing Center, and the Hulman Memorial Union are reserved for service vehicles only 24 hours per day.

Parking lot assignments

Section A: Designated Faculty - Staff Parking Lots.  Faculty-Staff parking is designated by red signage.

  • Speed Lot - The east side lot of Speed Parking is approved for parking by Faculty-Staff.
  • Myers Hall - The lot located on the south side of Myers Hall is approved parking for Faculty-Staff.
  • Moench/Myers - The parking area located on the north side of Moench and Myers Halls which runs from the smoke stack on the west end to Myers Hall on the east is approved for parking by Faculty-Staff.
  • Faculty-Staff Overflow - When the above lots are full, Faculty-Staff may park in the Sports and Recreation Center lot and/or the Moench lower level student lot adjacent to the west side of Facilities, and to the north of Myers Hall.
  • All Other Lots - Faculty-Staff spaces are striped in white and student spaces are striped in yellow.

Section B: Designated Student Parking Lots

  • Resident Students issued yellow parking permits (decals) may park in any lot designated yellow by signage.
  • Commuter Students issued blue parking permits (decals) must be parked in a commuter lot which is designated with blue signage.
  • On Campus Fraternities are issued green parking permits (decals) and must be parked in a fraternity parking area. Commuter students that are active members in Fraternities must comply with the appropriate parking designation requirement.

Student Commuters: The main lot located east of the Myers building and east of the center drive is approved for commuter parking. This lot is striped in yellow. Student commuters may use the far-east end near the Tennis Courts as an overflow lot only. The lower level lot located on the west side of Facilities is approved commuter parking. This lot is striped in yellow, however, serves as Faculty-Staff overflow.

Student Residents: The following lots are for resident student use which are considered stored vehicle lots.

  • Deming Hall - Deming Hall residents are assigned to park in the parking far lot located on the west end of the Sports and Recreation Center.
  • Speed & B.S.B. Halls - are approved to park in the south and west lots near Speed Hall.
  • New Hall - New Hall residents are assigned to park in the New Hall parking lot.
  • New Hall Apartments - are assigned to park in the lot on the west side of the Apartments.
  • Upper Class Halls - are assigned to park in the new parking lot west of the SRC.
  • Skinner Hall - are approved to park in Skinner lot.
  • Fraternities/Sororities - are approved to park in respective lots. Parking is permitted at the foot of the hill on the far east end of the commuter lot.
  • Hatfield Hall Parking Facility - is designated parking for Hatfield Hall employees, guests and residents of Skinner Hall.
  • Cook Stadium Parking Facility - as you cross the bridge and enter the Cook stadium parking facility, all parking spaces commencing at the cul-de-sac drive and running east to the Tennis Courts are reserved for Visitors Only 24-hours per day, seven days per week.
  • Student commuters may use the far-east end near the Tennis Courts as an overflow lot only.
  • Sports and Recreation Parking Facility - The Sports and Recreation Parking Facility is the lot located on the far west end of the Sports and Recreation Center and directly adjacent to the west entrance for the building. This lot is designated reserved parking for Deming Hall residents and any users of the Sports and Recreation Center.
  • All Other Lots-Faculty - Staff spaces are striped in white. Student spaces are striped in yellow.

Section C: Hulman Memorial Union Parking

The east, Faculty-Staff, Speed Lot is designated parking for this Facility. As acting hosts for a special event, educate attendees on Fire Lane Safety for the Union and Deming Hall. Parking is strictly prohibited around the Union and Deming Hall. Vehicles parked anywhere in this area will be towed at the owners expense.


Section A: The Office of Public Safety shoulders the authority and responsibility to halt, wheel lock, and/or tow and impound any vehicle found in violation of these regulations.

Section B: Payment must be made for any traffic violation not on appeal, within 72 hours of receiving the violation notice.

Section C: Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology reserves the right to immobilize and/or remove any vehicle found in violation of these traffic rules and regulations, improperly parked or otherwise deemed a nuisance or hazard. The cost of such removal or impoundment will become a lien on the vehicle until paid by the owner or owner's representative.

Section D: Between 5 p.m. and 7 a.m. daily and after 5 p.m. on Friday evening thru 7 a.m. Monday morning, you may park in any parking lot with exception of Cook Stadium Parking Facility.  Between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. daily you must park in your designated parking facility.

Section E: Fire lanes are painted in Safety yellow and are strictly enforced. Vehicles unattended in fire lanes or for other serious violations will be towed.

Penalties and fine assessments

On the campus of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology each, individual traffic violation is imposed or assessed a traffic fine of $10.00.

  • It should be noted that a single traffic violation will be assessed a standard $10.00 fine.
  • A violator has potential to commit more than one violation at the time a traffic ticket was written. Naturally, accumulation of multiple violations on a single ticket will result in a higher fine assessment.
  • The Institute does not utilize an early payment discount system.
  • Payment must be made in the Business Office within 72 hours of receiving a traffic violation ticket. Fine assessments must be paid, and carry the same status of other campus financial obligations. They will be processed by the Business Office accordingly.
  • A traffic violation may be appealed within 72 hours from ticket issuance.  Appeal forms are provided by the Office of Public Safety.