Rose-Hulman parking regulations


Section A:  All vehicles parked on campus are subject to State Licensing, Registration, and Insurance Laws, as well as, these regulations.

Section B:  Handicapped, visitor spaces, fire lanes, aisleways, driveways, and building entrances must be clear and accessible 24 hours per day.

Parking near or around residence halls and other campus buildings is prohibited. The campus will be notified by Public Safety through email bulletins advising of allowed exceptions for campus move-in days and end of academic quarter departures. 

Understand a curb does not have to be painted a color or signage present to signify a fire lane restricted area. If parking stripes are not present the area is NOT a parking area. Vehicles in violation will be cited.

Section C:  Parking on the Hadley Hall Cul-de-sac, Hatfield Circle, 

Hulman Memorial Union, and Scharpenberg Circle is prohibited. These areas are for picking up or dropping off traffic only. Vehicles must be attended at all times.     

Section D:  Rose-Hulman parking facilities are not to be used for vehicle storage purposes. At the end of the academic year owners shall make arrangements to have their vehicle moved off campus. 

Section E:  All unlined areas within parking lots or on black top surfaces are prohibited parking.

Section F:  Vehicles must be in moveable, operative condition, and may not be torn down for repair.              

Section G:  Only one vehicle per registrant may be parked on campus. A registrant is not allowed to store additional vehicles. Trailers and other special equipment are not allowed to be stored in a parking area.

Section H:  Motorcycles, Motor Scooters, or any other motorized vehicle may not be parked against any building and may not be taken inside. 

Section I:  On campus fraternity and sorority parking are subject to these motor vehicle regulations.

Section J: Student temporary disabilities may be approved by the Health Office, Student Affairs, or Public Safety for special parking needs.    

Employee temporary disabilities may be approved by the Health Office, Human Resources, or Public Safety for special parking needs.

Section K: Visitor, reserved for individual, and service vehicle spaces are restricted 24 hours a day.


Parking Lot Assignment

Section A:  Faculty-Staff Spaces are designated by white striped markings. These lots are reserved for faculty/staff only Monday – Friday 7 am to 5 pm. Student Parking Spaces are designated by yellow striped markings. Faculty/staff are authorized to use these spaces.                      

Section B:  Faculty-staff and commuter students. Once the Moench/Myers lot reaches full capacity the designated overflow lot is Cook Stadium lot. It is open to all community members.

Section C:  Hulman Memorial Union Parking Speed Hall parking facility serves as the designated parking lot for HMU activities.  

ALL INDIVIDUALS – coordinating group activity as a host should ensure their guests are aware of this lot.

Section D:  Motorcycle Parking

Motorcycles are to abide by campus rules like any motor vehicle operated on the Rose-Hulman campus. Proper parking spaces need to be used and the creation of unauthorized parking areas is a violation.

For academic year 16/17 the area directly north of Deming Hall is not available for motorcycle parking because of construction.


Section A:  Enforcement of the traffic rules and regulations will be provided     by uniformed officers of the Rose-Hulman Public Safety Office. Public Safety has the authority to halt vehicles, issue traffic citations for violations, remove and impound vehicles improperly parked, and to fully enforce all traffic rules and regulations.


Penalties and Assessments

Section A:  Violations will accumulate from August 1 until July 31 of the following year. Any standard violation will be assessed a fine of $10.00 dollars.  

Moving violations will be assessed a fine of $25.00 dollars and subsequent infractions will increase to $50 dollars. A third offense will be a $50.00 dollar fine and mandatory counselling by the Dean of Students, the Dean of Faculty, or the HR Director. Moving violations consist of excessive speed, ignoring traffic control signs, and failure to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks.

Parking in or blocking fire lanes will result in a $25.00 dollar fine.

Parked in a space reserved for Handicap individuals will result in a $30 dollar fine.

Section B:  A violator has the potential to commit more than one violation at the time a traffic ticket was written. Naturally, accumulation of multiple violations on a single ticket will result in a higher fine assessment.

Payment must be made to the Business Office upon receiving a traffic violation ticket. Fine assessments must be paid and carry the same status of other campus financial obligations. They will be processed by the Business Office accordingly.


Appeal Process

A traffic violation may be appealed within 72 hours from ticket issuance. Appeal forms are provided by the Office of Public Safety. Please come to the Office of Public Safety to discuss any traffic citation you feel as questionable for a thorough explanation of the applicable regulation.