Emergency call boxes

RHIT_Campus _Emergency _Phone


You will find emergency telephones or emergency call boxes strategically placed for your use throughout the campus. All call boxes are clearly marked and posted on the external sides of buildings or on tall red poles with white letters that read emergency. All call boxes display a continuously lit blue location light that is located near the top of the box. This light helps identify box location during nighttime hours. The call boxes themselves are safety yellow in color with black and white descriptive print. All call boxes are of hands free operation.  We encourage you to use them in any emergency situation or during any concern of urgency.


  • All call boxes display a large red help button for your use to place a call.
  • Below the red help button each call box displays a red call received light. The call received light (when lit) indicates that Public Safety received your call.
  • On caller activation the location light will begin to flash drawing other attention to activity at the box location. This action is continuous until reset within the Office of Public Safety.

Instructions for call box use

Your call is initiated by a single action. Simply press the red help button. When depressed a single time with the touch of a finger, the box automatically connects you directly with the Office of Public Safety. Two-way voice communication then takes place between the caller and Public Safety. State your message as if speaking on a telephone. Public Safety will stay on the line with you until unit arrival.