Info to know for Rose-Hulman Parents

Welcome to our family!

The Rose-Hulman Parents' Association welcomes both you and your student to the Rose-Hulman family. As a parent of a Rose-Hulman student, you are automatically a member of the Parents' Association. You are an important part of our community, and we encourage you to become an active participant.

This is an exciting time in your lives as your student makes a major transition from high school to college. We are honored that you have selected Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology for this important step. Your sons and daughters are to be congratulated for their achievements thus far. Our congratulations to you, also, for the important role you have played in their success!


  • Keep in touch, even if you're not hearing much from your student. A letter a week, an e-mail message, a phone call or a box of cookies makes your son or daughter aware of your continuing support. The greatest need for contact with home is likely during the early weeks of the quarter, during times of academic pressure, and during a crisis.
  • Listen to your student. Your son or daughter will probably make at least one "dump" call when you will hear nothing but complaints. Often, just talking about the problem makes your student feel better and ready to move on. Most of all, students want to know that you understand their feelings and the academic stress of being a student.
  • Don't ask about grades all the time. The adjustment to Rose-Hulman's academic demands takes time, and midterm grades may not be indicative of a freshman's future work. Sometimes it takes several quarters before a student realizes the amount and quality of study time he or she needs.
  • Encourage your student to get involved in at least one activity during the freshman year. It doesn't matter what the activity is as long as the student has a feeling of connection to other students and to the community.
  • If you're concerned about a situation, remember that you can always call the Office of Student Affairs and share your concern. The staff members can often give you suggestions on how to deal with the problem and ease your mind.
  • At the same time, don't try to always "fix it" for your student. As young adults, students need to seek out solutions for themselves. After talking to someone in the Office of Student Affairs, you can always give your son or daughter suggestions for working things out.
  • Stay involved at Rose-Hulman. Come back to campus during the Parents' Association sponsored activities such as Fall Family Weekend. Visit at Homecoming.
  • Don't react too hastily to roommate concerns. Often, it takes several months for roommates to adjust to one another. However, don't let serious problems go too long. If your student has a roommate who violates his or her space or comfort, insist that your student talk to the Resident Assistant or the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs. Remember, you can always make a confidential call to a staff person.
  • Questions about your student? Contact us at: All questions will be answered by Erik Hayes, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students.


The mission of the Parents' Association is to promote the welfare and interests of Rose-Hulman students through services and open communication on campus and wherever Rose-Hulman families reside.

What does the Parents' Association do?

  • It provides opportunities for communication between all parents and Rose-Hulman administration.
  • It provides opportunities for parents to learn more about Rose-Hulman. Three newsletters are published annually with newsworthy information about students, Parents' Association activities and college news.
  • It sponsors special programs and events for students and their families.
  • It raises funds to support special projects which enhance the lives of all Rose-Hulman students.
  • Parents' Association meetings are held three times a year. One of the meetings is held in conjunction with Fall Family Weekend. All parents are encouraged to attend!


Grade Reports

Midterm grades for each student are submitted to the Registrar at the end of the fifth week of the term. A copy of these grades is sent to the student's advisor, from whom the student picks up a copy. The midterm grade reflects the performance of the graded work during the first five weeks of the term but does not represent the final grade in the course.

Final grades for each student, along with term and cumulative grade point averages, are mailed to the student's permanent home address by the Registrar, usually within a week after the end of finals. Students whose grades place them on academic probation will also receive a letter from the Registrar at this time.

Copies of the Final Grade Report are filed with the student's advisor, the Registrar and the Office of Student Affairs.

If Your Student Is Having Academic Trouble

Rose-Hulman expects that students carry the primary responsibility for their academic work and for communicating about that work with faculty, staff and their parents. If concerns arise about a situation involving your son or daughter, the Institute suggests that parents first have a direct and open conversation with your student. Help the student consider whom he or she can approach for advice or help, encourage the student to take the appropriate steps to get that help, and request that the student keep you, as parents, informed. If this approach is not successful, parents can refer their student to the Office of Student Affairs. They will assist a student in finding ways to resolve problems.

The Learning Center

The Learning Center offers academic assistance in the areas of chemistry, computer science, math, physics and writing. Peer tutors, specially trained students supervised by professional staff, do the majority of tutoring at the Center, working one on one with students. Our Supplemental Instruction program offers biweekly group study sessions for targeted freshman courses. Professors encourage students to participate in study sessions held at the Learning Center or to take writing assignments there to be edited before they are submitted.

The Learning Center also offers end-of-the-quarter review sessions for several freshman and sophomore level computer science, chemistry, math and physics courses. Handouts and past tests are on file for many humanities and social science courses and several lower-level math and science courses. Help with study skills and preparation of resumes is available, and the Learning Center sponsors special evening sessions on topics ranging from "Conquering Test Anxiety and Managing Stress" to "Using Powerpoint for Oral Reports."

The Learning Center, located in the lower level of the John Logan Library, is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. every Monday through Friday and Sunday through Thursday from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.


The Flame of the Millennium Plaza Brick Campaign

Parents can leave a lasting legacy in a student's honor by having his or her name engraved on special bricks that are part of a new campus Reflection Plaza surrounding the beautiful 45-foot-tall, stainless steel Flame of the Millennium sculpture. The plaza is located between the main campus driveway and Hatfield Hall on the campus' front lawn. It features a large reflecting pool and a walkway consisting of personalized bricks.

There are three sizes of bricks available: 4" x 8" ($150), 8" x 8" ($500) and 12" x 12" ($1,000). The bricks can be engraved with three lines of 20 characters on each line.

For more information, contact the Office of Alumni Affairs at 800-248-7448, ext. 8359. Orders can also be placed online.

Bucks For Books

There are two words any parent dreads hearing - "Send Money!" Perhaps Bucks For Books can help. This program offers short-term, no-interest loans for students who are struggling to find funds to purchase textbooks for the academic quarter. To be eligible, students must be undergraduates enrolled at least half time at Rose-Hulman.

After qualifying for a Bucks For Books loan, bookstore credit is issued for the amount needed to purchase textbooks. Students may borrow up to $650, but the amount of the loan may not exceed the cost of books. The Bucks For Books loan is interest free for up to 90 days.

Loans will be extended on a first-come, first-served basis to students in need. For more details, students should contact the Bookstore.

Short-Term Emergency Loan Program

Students needing immediate financial assistance to pay for transportation home, medical bills, car repairs or rent can receive assistance through Rose-Hulman's short-term emergency loan program. The fund was established in 2002.

Loans of up to $1,500 will be available during the school year to help students pay rent, medical bills, and transportation home.

There is no interest on the loan if repaid within 90 days or the term chosen on the promissory note. If the loan is not repaid, the amount is applied to the student's tuition account, where it will accrue 1.5% interest per month.

Proceeds from many Parents' Association projects go towards maintaining the short-term emergency loan program. Contributions can also be made to the fund.

Donations for the Bucks For Books and short-term emergency loan projects should be sent to the Office of Development, CM 12, 5500 Wabash Ave., Terre Haute, IN  47803 or online.


Ask to see if there is a Rose-Hulman discount when you call these local vendors.

Birthday Cakes

  • Rose-Hulman Dining Services 812-877-6037
  • Kroger Bakery, 2650 Wabash Avenue, 812-232-4194
  • Walmart Super Center, 2399 State Road 46, 812-872-2520

Balloon & Cookie Bouquets

  • Poplar Flower Shop, 812-232-3319. Will deliver.


  • Poplar Flower Shop, 812-232-3319. Will deliver.
  • Flowers & More, 812-234-6544. Will deliver.
  • Diana's Flower &  Gift Shoppe, 812-466-1453. Will deliver.

Gift Baskets

  • Rose-Hulman Dining Services has quarterly and holiday gift packages, as well as Final Exam Week Survival Packs. To order, call 812-877-9317.