Student payroll


When to submit timesheets

Hours worked must be entered electronically after each shift on Banner Web. To ensure prompt payment, timesheets must be submitted for approval by 12:00 p.m. on Thursday following the end of the pay period.  Students submitting timesheets after the deadline must stop by Human Resources to complete a paper copy or print one from the HR/Payroll website prior to the cutoff date for the pay period in which hours were worked.

Students will not be allowed to continue working unless payroll is up-to-date.


How to submit hours via Banner Web

-        Go to Banner Web.

-        Select the ‘Employee’ Menu Option

-        Select the ‘Time Sheet’ Menu Option

-        Select the appropriate position and pay period

-        Select the pay type and appropriate work day

-        Enter number of hours worked that day in 15 minute increments

(i.e.  15 minutes = .25, 30 minutes = .50)

-        Click ‘Save Hours or Units’

-        Check the payroll spreadsheet at the LC front desk or at the HH sign-in table (or email Kelli Martin) to make sure your

          hours entered match our records before submitting your timesheet. 

 -       At the end of the pay period, select ‘Submit for Approval’


Payroll Discrepancies

If you are unsure about your hours or the spreadsheet online does not match what you think you worked, please contact the Learning Center staff before submitting your timesheet. Call 8876 or email