International Travel

Employee and Student International Travel (Academic and Club Travel)

When an Rose-Hulman employee is traveling abroad, and/or taking a student(s) abroad for academic or club travel, the Rose-Hulman employee is required to do the following;


  • Submit the required Pre-Authorization of International Travel Form to the President of Rose-Hulman for pre-approval. If more than one employee is traveling with the group, an international travel form must be submitted by each employee.
  • Once the travel form is signed by the President, the President’s Office will email the pre-approved signed form to the employee and to the Director of Study Abroad and International Exchanges in the Office of Global Programs (OGP). OGP will provide the employee with a check list of items (see below) that must be completed and submitted from the employee(s) as well as any Rose-Hulman student participant(s).  

Faculty and Staff Travel

____ Travel Authorization Form signed by the President

____ Copy of passport photo page

____ Emergency contact information abroad (Please provide phone numbers, e-mail
       addresses, and any other means of contact.)

____ Emergency contact information in the United States (Please include name(s),
       phone numbers, and e-mail addresses.) Your emergency contact should not be an
       Individual traveling with you!  

____ Flight itineraries

____ Trip itineraries

____ Travel Agency Contract and Certificate of Insurance (when taking students abroad)

Travel with Students

Required materials from each student:

____ Assumption of Risk and Release Waiver (available from the Office of Global Programs)

____ Copy of passport photo page

____ Information needed for OGP to purchase international medical insurance (please
       see International Medical Insurance Roster for required information fields)

  • When making airline reservations, all participants of the group must travel together and arrive and depart at the same time. If you have any questions, please contact Risk Management for assistance.
  • For the protection of our staff and students, Rose-Hulman recommends that any faculty/staff led student trips abroad be coordinated through a travel agent/program provider.  Such agencies can provide the required transportation, ground services, excursions, emergency assistance needed abroad in the event of an emergency and etc.  Such agencies will need to provide Risk Management with a Certificate of Insurance (COI) showing General Liability and Foreign Liability coverage abroad.  Contact the Manager of Insurance and Risk Management for additional details in regards to the COI requirement. Such contracts must go through the Contract Review Process for acceptance.  Please refer to Contracts and Leases for additional information 
  • The employee needs to provide the Director of Study Abroad and International Exchanges with a student roster which also includes the email addresses for each participant. OGP will email each student participant an Assumption of Risk and Release Waiver form. This form needs to be completed by each RHIT student participating in the trip and returned to the employee/supervisor leading the trip.  The employee/supervisor needs to provide the completed forms to the OGP a minimum 45 days prior to departure. Remember- Participants can only be current RHIT employees and current Rose-Hulman students.  
  • The employee should obtain and retain a copy of each student’s passport and provide a copy of such to the OGP no later than 45 days prior to departure
  • The employee must obtain and retain proof that each student has purchased international medical insurance to cover them while abroad. 
      • Rose-Hulman students participating in faculty-led trips will be automatically enrolled in this international medical insurance available at Rose-Hulman.  The policy can be paid for by credit card or billed to the student’s account at the time the student registers his or her trip with the OGP. Such coverage must be acquired a minimum 30 days prior to departure. The cost of this coverage will vary based on the age of the traveler, destination, and duration of the trip.
      • Additional coverage’s may be required based on the area of travel and duration. **Failure to obtain acceptable coverage’s, and/or to provide adequate documentation of proof of insurance coverage, will prohibit a student from traveling abroad! 
  • OGP will compile all required and submitted documentation received from the travelers and submit such to the Office of Insurance and Risk Management along with the signed Pre-Authorization of International Travel Form. 
  • Risk Management (RM) will review and approve all submitted information and forward the Pre-Authorization of International Travel Form to the appropriate Vice President for FINAL approval to depart.
  • Once the appropriate Vice President has approved the trip and notified RM with a copy of such, RM will provide the Rose-Hulman employee with a Travel Assist card. The Travel Assist coverage will cover the employee, and will afford assistance abroad to those approved student travelers within the employee’s group during the dates noted on the travel assist card.   The international medical insurance provided through the Travel Assist card/provider is for the employee only during the dates noted on the card. 

If the International Travel process is not followed as required, such trip(s) will be considered a non-approved, personal trip and Rose-Hulman funds cannot be used to reimburse or pay costs associated with such travel. The insurance coverage which is normally applicable for approved travel abroad will not be available for non-approved/personal travel.   

*An Rose-Hulman employee/advisor must be present when students travel abroad and such travel is funded by Rose-Hulman (directly or indirectly) and/or is considered to be an Rose-Hulman approved or required activity. If a country or location appears on a watch list, travel to such a country may be cancelled at any time by Rose-Hulman. In such an event, Rose-Hulman does not assume responsibility for financial or personal hardships this cancellation may cause the individual(s). It is suggested that travelers going abroad obtain Travel Insurance which will afford reimbursement options when such trips are cancelled, postponed and etc… 

*Sabbatical abroad does not qualify as a job requirement or an Rose-Hulman required trip and does not require the completion of an International Travel form. Employees on sabbatical will not have travel assist or foreign medical coverage for such trips/travel.

International Travel Authorization Form


In order for any trips abroad to be considered as Rose-Hulman approved travel, an International Travel Form must be submitted by the employee and all requirements of the form/process must be met. See International Travel Process above.

International Travel Advance

When a travel advance is required for international travel; the traveler needs to compete step three of the International Travel Authorization form and provide the entire form (sections/steps one thru three) to Accounts Payable. A payment advance cannot be submitted or processed until all sections/steps of the International Travel form have been completed and signed by the designated individuals. Once submitted to AP, the travel advance can only be processed 14 days prior to departure.   

International Travel Assist/Foreign Medical Card

Once the International Travel form is approved by the designated individuals, and received by Risk Management, an International Travel/Foreign Medical card with all supporting information will be sent to the faculty/staff member by campus mail. If an employee does not receive the International Travel card a minimum 10 days prior to departure, they should contact the manager of Insurance and Risk Management to obtain a replacement card. An employee will receive a new card per trip; the cards do not carry over from trip to trip. Additional information can be obtained by contacting the manager of Insurance and Risk Management.

International Travel Insurance (Not Foreign Medical)

It is suggested that travelers going abroad obtain Travel Insurance. Such insurance will vary per carrier, airline and agencies but will provide reimbursement options when trips are cancelled, postponed and etc… This insurance can be purchased at the time of the ticket purchase, when tickets are purchased through a travel agent, or through many online resources such as Travel Guard.

International Travel Risks


In order to protect the safety of our faculty and staff, all travel abroad requests will be monitored for safety reasons.  If an area of international travel appears to be unsafe due to medical conditions, war, terrorist acts, or on the Department of State or insurance carriers watch list and etc…. Rose-Hulman will request that the trip be cancelled or postponed. In such an event, Rose-Hulman does not assume responsibility for financial or personal hardships this cancellation may cause the individual/traveler. Rose-Hulman suggests travelers obtain travel Insurance in order to avoid such hardships, see International Travel Insurance above.


It is the responsibility of the traveler to be responsible for their own health and to determine and obtain the immunizations that may be required for the location/s in which they will be traveling. Such information can be obtained online through various sites, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Department of State and etc…  

International Transportation

Rose-Hulman does not have foreign auto insurance and cannot provide coverage for damage of, or injury to, property of others when in Canada, Mexico or other regions outside of the United States. All coverage’s would need to be purchased from the rental agency at the time of rental. If the insurance is not purchased and an incident should occur, the employee and/or the department will be financially responsible.