Domestic Travel


Faculty/staff travel beyond 75 miles (one way) from the campus requires the completion of a U.S.Travel Authorization/Advance form. This form needs to be completed by the employee and returned to Accounts Payable. Accounts Payable will forward the completed form to the Manager of Insurance and Risk Management. This form is to be completed by the employee and approved by the department chair/supervisor.


Students traveling for class or an approved Rose-Hulman required function/activity are required to sign a Release of Waiver form per participant and activity, and have a Student Travel form on file with the Manager of Insurance and Risk Management per trip. The student travel form must be completed by the department/professor and submitted to the Office of Insurance and Risk Management prior to departure.

Rose-Hulman would prefer, and strongly suggests, that students traveling for a class or school related function utilize travel arrangements provided by the Institute. If the student decides to drive their own vehicle, or that of others, Rose-Hulman does not assume responsibility or any liability in the event of an accident. If a student is taking other students within their personal vehicle, or a vehicle that belongs to others, the driver would need to provide the department/Professor with a copy of their current driver’s license and proof of automobile insurance coverage for the vehicle of transportation being used, prior to the trip. The Proof of Insurance card provided by most automobile insurance carriers can be used as proof of insurance. Any student that selects to provide their own means of transportation, versus Rose-Hulman provided transportation must sign a Student Transportation Waiver prior to departure.


Any guest traveling in a Rose-Hulman vehicle, or a rental vehicle for Rose-Hulman related business, are required to sign a Guest Release form prior to departure. This release form is trip/activity specific and is required per trip/activity. It is not an “indefinite” release.