Student insurance options

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology cares about the safety of our students and while we take the promotion and education of safety seriously, accidents will happen.  

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology requires that all students carry health insurance coverage. This policy is designed to help protect students and parents against large and unexpected medical claims. In order to satisfy this requirement, students are automatically enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Program provided by Rose-Hulman through Commercial Travelers/Wells Fargo. NOTE: Per the March 16th, 2012 federal ruling, the Rose-Hulman Student Health Insurance plan must be PPACA (Affordable Care Act) compliant.

Rose-Hulman also provides Athletic Accident coverage for student intercollegiate athletes that sustain an injury during an approved Rose-Hulman practice or game, and Catastrophic Accident coverage for those students participating in a Rose-Hulman recognized intramural contact sport when the injury is directly related to the approved activity. Please see the appropriate sections within this area for additional information.