Wireless networks on campus

Rose-Hulman provides three 802.11 a/b/g wireless networks in all academic buildings, the Hulman Memorial Union, the Library, Hatfield Hall, and in parts of the Sports and Recreation Center.

The RHIT-1X is the preferred wireless network for students, staff and faculty. It uses WPA encryption and uses PEAP authentication. It does not require the use of the VPN client. . Most modern laptops are able to use this network. Currently all new laptops and reimaged laptops are setup for the RHIT-1X network.

The RHIT wireless network uses WEP type encryption and requires the VPN client. This network is for older laptops and devices which do not support the RHIT-1X network.

The RHIT-Guest network is a special network designed for sponsored guests of Rose-Hulman. This network has no encryption methods on it and is designed to allow guests access to the internet but only limited access to Rose-Hulman's internal network. In order to connect to this network a username and password are required. Network passwords will not work for this network. Only faculty and staff members may request the creation of a username for a guest of the institute.

Wireless routers in residence halls

Rose-Hulman provide wireless access to all of the residence halls on campus, in addition to all academic buildings, so it is not necessary for students to bring a personal wireless router to campus.  If a student choses to bring a wireless router, IAIT requires the wireless functionality be disabled to prevent interference with the campus-wide wireless network. If you have questions about this policy, contact us.