Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology has required incoming freshmen to have laptop computers since 1995. Each incoming freshman class has a unit selected for them by the Institute. Students can either purchase the laptop immediately or elect to place the computer on a four year payment plan.

Included in the Laptop Program is the computer itself, software, free upgrades on all software for as long as a student attends Rose-Hulman, insurance, four year warranty, carrying case, mouse, cables, modem and ethernet connection.

While on campus, students have Internet access via a DS3 (45 Mbits) which is accessed though the campus-wide gigabit fiber optic network backbone. All residence hall rooms have 100Mb connections for each resident and virtually all classrooms and laboratories have connections for every student. Even the snack bar in the student union has network connections! Furthermore, all academic buildings have 802.11a/b/g wireless network access so that you can access network resources from anywhere.

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