An award-winning resource for Rose-Hulman

The IRPA Office and its staff have received national recognition for a variety of activities.  Awards include:

  • TechPoint Mira Award Finalist: under the Education Contribution to Technology Category (2010)
  • Angel Impact Award for Exemplary Angel LMS Enterprise (2009)
  • Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) Award for Institutional Program in Student Learning Outcome (2007)
  • HP Technology for Teaching Higher Education Grant (2007)

How may we help you?

The IRPA Office provides services to faculty, staff, students, and external organizations to support our institution's vision and mission. Currently, we offer the following information/services to our constituents:

Assessment plans
The IRPA office can help develop assessment plans and support grant-funded and other research projects.

IRPA supports the work of engineering programs to maintain their accreditation through ABET, Inc. We also manage the institutional accreditation process through the Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP) of the North Central Association through the Higher Learning Commission.

Educational research
Our office participates in and conducts various educational and institutional research projects every year. We provide research services including collecting data via customized online questionnaires/survey forms, conducting analysis, and reporting findings.

Focus groups
Our staff can help develop, conduct, and report on findings from focus groups.

Index of learning styles
The ILS was designed to identify preferred styles of learning which includes perception, acquisition, processing and retention of information. The Office of Institutional Research, Planning and Assessment provides assistance to administrators, faculty, staff and students in the administering, archiving, analyzing and reporting of results from the Index of Learning Styles Survey.

Institutional data
IRPA produces studies about Rose-Hulman from a variety of sources including our own Institutional Research Department.

Institutional student learning outcomes
IRPA manages the Institute student learning outcome process.

Planning conferences & special events
IRPA has recently offered conference and special events planning services and support to the following conferences: IPCC Conference 2011; RosEvaluation Conference (annual); Making Academic Change Happen Workshop (annual);  RosEvaluation Summer Rating Session, among others.

Scanning tests/exams
Our office provides scanning/scoring services using an optical scanner. Our optical scanning services include multiple choice final exams, concept inventory pre and post tests, and service evaluations.

We administer a myriad of surveys throughout the year, many on an annual basis (Student Information Questionnaire, Freshman Poll, Senior Poll, Course Evaluations, etc.). We utilize Moodle primarily for assessment within a particular academic course.  We utilize Banner Web primarily when we need to capture a broader audience, such as all freshmen, all faculty.