SimplyWell Upcoming Events

Please note: You must enter your points on SimplyWell's website within 90 days of an event in order to be eligible for the points. You do not have to participate in on-campus activities to earn points. Community events may also count toward wellness events.

Examples of activities that could count as a wellness event:

  • 5k Run/Walk (Sponsored by RHIT or on an individual basis)
  • Athletic Teams (i.e. Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, etc.)
  • Dine-with-a Doc®
  • Family Activities (i.e. hiking, baseball, swimming, etc)
  • Health Fair (Sponsored by RHIT or out in the community)
  • One-day special event (i.e. Zumbathon, Golf Outing, etc.)
  • Online wellness seminars/webinars
  • Massage (on-campus or off-campus)
  • Wellness Seminar/Conference

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SimplyWell Activities

Unless otherwise noted, all sessions require registration. Spouses are welcome to attend any event. All sessions are worth 250 SimplyWell points.

Don't forget about our Group Fit Classes! You can find more information on those classes by clicking here.


 SimplyWell Group Walk

Are you a SimplyWell participant looking for ways to earn more points before the June 15th  deadline? Come join us in a walk around campus! Please bring comfortable shoes and be prepared to walk outside on the SRC Track/Heritage Trail for approximately 45-60 minutes. We will meet at the SRC front entrance. If the weather does not cooperate, we will plan to walk indoors at the SRC. 

We will host four walking sessions prior to June 15th. To register for a session, please click on the date/time listed below:


Resources for Potential SimplyWell Events